Temtem Tier List 2023

Find the best Temtem tier list here. These Temtem are ranked from tier S to tier B.

If you’re looking for the best Temtem tier list to help you choose, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled some of the top Temtem according to their characteristics and skills from best (S tier) to worst (B tier).

Temtem Tier List 2023

best temtem tier list

Check out the best Temtem tier list. Here, the S tier features the best and most powerful Temtem in the game.

S Tier Temtem

  • Oceara – Oceara is a non-evolving Temtem. Of all the Temtem in the game, it has the highest base SPATK. It can be found in the island of Deniz. It is a powerful special attacker with high speed.
  • Ukama – Ukama is the final evolution of Umishi. It is one of the fastest waterborne Temtem in the game, often beating even the quickest of sailboats. Only the Oceara can match the Ukama for the highest base SPD stat of all waterborne Temtem.
  • Anahir – The Anahir belongs to the crystal as well as the fire type. It is physically strong, with the exception of earth damage.
  • Gazuma – The Gazuma is the final evolution of the Ganki. It is an electric Temtem and you can find them in Matope Road and the Pillars of Highabove. It is known to have gentle features. The Gazuma has the highest base SPDEF among all the electric Temtem in the game.
  • Saku – The Saku belongs to the nature and wind type. It is the final evolution of the Kaku and is found in The Glassyway, The Canonpath and Kupeleleza. It has powerful health and special defense stats. Saku can be taught mental and toxic moves too.

A Tier Temtem

  • Nessla – The Nessla is a non-evolving Temtem that belongs to the electric and water types. They are most powerful when they are in water. These Temtem have strong attack and special attack stats.
  • Barnshe – The Barnshe belongs to the wind and mental types. It does not evolve. It prefers to use its mind as a weapon. However, it can suffer damage from electric moves.
  • Tental – The Tental is an evolution of the Houchic. Upon further evolution, it turns into the Nagaise. Just like the Barnshe, it belongs to the mental type. It has strong speed and special attack stats in the game. You can only obtain these Temtem by evolving the Houchic as they are not available naturally.
  • Saipat – The Saipat belongs to the Melee and Water types. It has a duck-like appearance and it does not evolve. The Saipat has high health and attack stats. Among all the Melee and Water Temtem in the game, the Saipat has the highest base HP stats. However, it also has the lowest base STA and SPDEF stats among all fully-evolved Melee Temtem in the game.
  • Baboong – The Baboong is a Melee Temtem. It forms after the evolution of the Smazee. It further evolves into the Seismunch. These Temtem are street-fighters despite having a good temper naturally. They have high speed and attack stats. You can only obtain one by evolving a Smazee as they are not available naturally.

B Tier

  • Tateru – The Tateru is a non-evolving Temtem that belongs to the neutral type. You need to train these Temtem to fight because of their shy nature. These Temtem have high-rated STA and HP stats.
  • Sherald – The Sherald belongs to the crystal type. These Temtem form after the evolution of the Crystle. It can further evolve to form a Tortenite. You can only acquire it by evolving a Crystle. It has high defensive and attacking stats.
  • Wiplump – The Wiplump belongs to the wind and water type. These Temtem form after the evolution of the Fomu. These Temtem are powerful in the fields of special attack and special defence. However, just like the Barnshe, these Temtem can suffer greatly with electric moves.

So there you have it. This was a compilation of some of the best Temtem. We hope this list will make it easier for you to choose Temtem the next time you play the game.

Now that you know the most powerful Temtem, check out our tier lists for many other games here. Plus, we’ve got some Temtem guides for you on Gamer Tweak as well.

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