Gas In Call of Duty Warzone: How To Easily Survive It?

The presence of deadly gas around you doesn't mean the end. You can learn to use it as an ally and save yourself.

Surviving the gas in Call of Duty Warzone works like the zones in every other battle royale game. But this time around there are ways in which you can prolong your time spent inside the gas. Learn how to do is by reading this guide till the end.

How To Survive The Gas In Call of Duty Warzone

The gas in Call of Duty Warzone will encircle you and start moving in as the game progresses, while you run around battling other people in a race against time and other players.

To be honest, there is no escaping the gas in Call of Duty Warzone, but you can better prepare yourself to make sure that you do not end up dying in this inevitable gas.

The gas has an effect on your health and your armor as well. The lucky thing is that you can regenerate health back, so you must escape the gas before you health depletes.

Damage caused by the gas is the same for every round and the further you are away from the safe zone the more hits of this gas you will take.

The gas will kill you in 12 seconds, if you have a gas mask with you you can prolong your time spent in the game to 12 more seconds.

If you have a stim you can add another 12 seconds to that time, but it depends on how you time your stim usage. You can check out down below how different items can increase your time spent in the gas.

No Armor: 12s
Gas Mask: +12s
Stim: +12s (2s to apply)
Self Revive + Stim: +12s (7s to apply)
Stim from Ammo Box: +24s

The maximum time you can spend inside the gas in Call of Duty Warzone is about 1 minute 28 seconds. Now, this isn’t all there is, there are ways in which you can help yourself make sure that you do not get stuck in the gas.


Be aware of your surroundings, you can always make sure to be in motion and keep in mind that you are never close to the gas. Keep yourself moving and staying inside the safe zone so that you never get caught in the gas in Call of Duty Warzone.

It is good to always in the center of each safe zone and keep an eye on your mini-map and be aware of all the places from where the gas is moving in.


Keep a vehicle lying around you so that you can easily and quickly escape the gas, find a safe spot, and heal yourself back to safety. Make sure that you have a good vehicle that can protect you and have some sort of cover.

During the end moments of the game, the fighting will be the most severe so try and not be spotted out in the open driving a car.

Use the cars to escape the gas and ditch them when you’re safe, as they make a lot of noise.


If you are in the gas and have an option to escape, you should avoid attempts to get into the gunfights as they will deplete your health and waste your time.

Always remember to get yourself to safety and then you can always carry out an attack of yourself.

This is all there is to know about how to escape the gas in Call of Duty Warzone. Make sure to check out our guide on the hidden cargo locations in Call of Duty Warzone.