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Where To Find Hidden Cargo Intel Locations In Call of Duty Warzone

Here are all the hidden Cargo locations in Call of Duty Warzone. Get more information about them in this guide.

Finding Hidden Cargo Intel is this week’s challenge in season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone, this is a simple mission where you just have to find the hidden cargo, but if you are having trouble doing that this guide will help you with the exact location of the cargo.

All Hidden Cargo Locations In Call of Duty Warzone

The best thing about this challenge is that you can do this in Plunder or the regular Battle Royale mode, so it doesn’t matter exactly what mode you choose as long as you complete the challenge.

Hidden Cargo Intel Location 1

To get to the first hidden cargo intel location, make sure to jump near the Train Station location and land on the highest point, here you will find the intel. Interact by pushing the prompted button and you will get your first intel.

Location 2

Your next objective will say, “Cargo may have arrived via ports of entry.” The intel clue is: “1930 detailed in Urzikstan. Cargo missing. Check ports of entry. – Start at cranes.”

All you have to do is land at the port location. You will want to land at the middle crane in the port area. The intel is located a the top of the crane and obtaining it will get you the second cargo intel.

Location 3

The description for the third objective says, “Someone was paid off to keep an area clear.” The money is a huge part of the clue and you will find a note that reads: “NE GARDAR create storage, 6 Across / 586 Deep, Keep Clear.”

You can find this at the port too. Find the cargo at the crate storage facility and you will get your hand on the third piece of the hidden cargo.

Location 4

The description of the fourth intel cargo reads as  “There was an inspection scheduled at the port.” and a picture is given with a note saying “Inspection 12/18/19 0900.”

This Hidden cargo intel location is at the port itself, you will need to go back to the building which has a laptop in it. All you have to do is find this building and get your hands on it and move on to the last cargo intel.

Location 5

The description of the last intel says, “The cargo was headed to a WHP site.” the clue is the cargo manifest which reads, “ARM/WHP FOB Ridgeline NE of Stadium.”

Go to the northeastern part of the TV Station and here you will see a couple of buildings. The building which stands apart from the other is the one you should enter. Go to the top floor and you will get your hands on the intel.

This is all there is to know about where to find the hidden cargo intel location, make sure to check out other guides like how to quickscope in Call of Duty Warzone.