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Cyberpunk 2077: How To Stash Items Guide

Find out how to stash items and store elsewhere and how to increase carry weight capacity as well.

While playing CP2077, you will end up looting a lot of items and your inventory may get overloaded. You can free up some inventory space by storing items elsewhere and this is how to do it. Here’s a guide on how to stash items in Cyberpunk 2077 easily and how to access your stash too. We will explain all the different ways to store items and which attributes and mods can help you increase carry weight capacity in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Stash Items in Cyberpunk 2077


You can stash items in Cyberpunk 2077 in two locations – in your apartment’s armory and in your own car’s trunk. You can store items and access them later which ends up freeing your inventory space. The better option is to store items in your car since it’s too much effort to keep going back to your home for this.

By your living room, there will be a storage area where you can stash extra items and you can transfer them whenever you want. Note that you cannot stash items in stolen cars because it will despawn soon enough.

Here, your management skills will come into play because you need to stash the right weapons, ammo and other items so that you are better prepared for your quests and side jobs.


How to Access Stash in Apartment and Car


To access the stash you have stored in the room next to your living room in your apartment, you have to simply open the door, enter it and go towards the table. That’s when you will see the option to Open Stash. Now go ahead and take any item out or put any item into your storage.


To access the stash in your own car, you have to call your vehicle and move towards its trunk. When you interact with it, you will see the option to Open Stash and you can do the same thing here – either deposit something or take things out. Plan out properly and deposit items that you may need later on in the game.

With the option to stash items and store them safely, you won’t have to dismantle weapons or sacrifice any item. But apart from the options mentioned above, you can also increase your carry weight. Here’s how to increase your carry capacity in CP2077.

How to Increase Carry Weight Capacity in Cyberpunk 2077?


To boost your carry weight limit or inventory size, you can use:

  • Athletic perks
  • Titanium Bones Cyberware
  • Clothing Mods
  • Improve your Body attribute

For example, you can use a Clothing Mod named Backpacker which does the trick and increases carry weight capacity. The Pack Mule Athletic Perk also gives you a high boost of inventory space instantly. Focus on improving your Athletics skill because at various levels like Level 2, 6 and 13 you get a +20, +40 and +100 carry capacity boost. If Cyberware mods are your thing, go to a Ripperdoc and purchase a Skeleton Cyberware called Titanium Bones which costs 1000 Eurodollars. This will give you 20% more inventory space.

That’s all about how to stash items in Cyberpunk 2077, where to store it, how to access it and how to increase carry weight capacity (inventory size). For more such tips and tricks, head over to our Cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide or you can even check out any of our guides right here.