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How To Solve The Cephalite Resonance Puzzle In Warframe?

Follow these steps and nothing will puzzle you

If you have been religiously playing Warframe Nightwave Series 3, you will have realized that there is no perfect solution for any of the puzzles. Here we bring to you the best solution for the Cephalite Resonance puzzle in Warframe. This is a jumping puzzle and you will be required to practice extreme caution while doing it.


A wrong move here will cost you all your Cephalite Resonance there. Refer to this step by step guide to up your game and solve the Cephalite Resonance puzzle with ease.

How to solve the Cephalite Resonance Puzzle in Warframe?

This is one of the most optimum solutions to the Cephalite Resonance puzzle in Warframe Nightwave series 3. Follow these steps in the correct order and you will pass this test in no time –

  • Collect 10 Cephalite Resonance.
  • Keep aside 30 or 40 more of Cephalite Resonance, just in case.
  • You need to pay 10 units to enter the puzzle. If you fail to solve it in time, you will lose all your Cephalites, and to re-enter you will have to pay another 10 of those.
  • Once you have managed your finances, the puzzle starts shortly after.
  • The Glassmaker sets up a conversation with you. You can completely ignore his trickery as that does not influence the outcome of your puzzle.
  • You will be presented with three words or images floating on a platform.
    Answer – Choose one of the floating platforms which match your clue from the simulation you saw previously.
  • Note: The answer to this stage will not appear in your clues.
  • The solution to the Nightwave Cephalite Resonance puzzle is to memorize five keywords, images, and names appearing in the crime scene.
  • Remember the key phrases.
  • Highlight the hints you see in your clues to make sure you do not forget them in the puzzle.
  • Now the time stops and you will reach the final stage of the puzzle.
  • A giant levitating rock will appear. Interact with it and it will take you back to reality.
  • Voila! You just solved the Cephalite Resonance Puzzle.

How to get/farm Cephalite Resonance in Warframe?

Cephalite Resonance can be regarded as the latest currency in the game. Using these Cephalites you can enter puzzles and quests. Here is the only way you can earn or farm Cephalite Resonance in Warframe Nightwave Series 3.


Kill Glassed Enemies

There will be moments in Warframe when your enemies will harden like glass. Use slam attacks to destroy them. This will grant you Cephalite Resonance in any quantities. The enemies which you can kill are –

  • Kuva Lich
  • Corrupted Void Fissure enemies
  • Saturn Six Fugitives
  • Railjack

Choose the correct Warframe

There are a few Warframes that have the ability to loot Cephalite Resonance. They can be beneficial in times when you are unable to progress in the game due to a lack of Cephalite Resonance. Here is a list of Warframes that will grant you Cephalite resonance based on latent abilities –

  • Hydroid – Pilfering Swarm ability
  • Nekros – Desecrate ability
  • Ivara – Prowl ability

Here you have it. The only guide you will ever need to help you get Cephalite Resonance and solve the Cephalite Resonance puzzle in Warframe Nightwave Series 3. To know more about the new Glassmaker’s Series, read our Warframe Nightwave Series 3 update.