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The Nightwave Series 3 Is Live On Warframe With The Update 1.85 (27.4.3)

What are the new features of this update?

Update to the competitive science-fiction shooter, Warframe, went live on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. Digital Extremes, the developers of this series released the Warframe patch 1.85 (27.4.3) on May 12, with a downloadable size of 1.25 Gb. The Nightwave Series 3 went live alongside this patch. This update gets rid of various bugs and technical glitches from the game, but this is not all. Read more to find out.


Features of the update 1.85 (27.4.3)

TennoGen Bundles XLV and XLVI 
Comprising a bundle of exclusively selected Round 18 Items, you can get your hands on them through the in-game markets. You get to choose from 2 sets of bundles XLV and XLVI-

  • Helmet by prosetisen + Wisp Delusion Skin
  • Karu and Helmet by Erneix + Baruuk Bedouin Skin
  • Helmet + Oberon Youkai Skin + Hitsu San’s Arm Armour


  • Lubox’s Two-Handed Nikana Arashi Skin
  • Mz-3’s Polearm Jotunheim Skin
  • Girton’s Heavy Blade Mizar Skin
  • Hitsu San and Reil’s Heavy Blade Suprema Skin

Nightwave Series 3 – The Glassmaker

Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker released at 2 p.m ET of May 12, and is the latest Nightwave series of the game. Here is what you are dealing with in this series –

  • Battling invulnerable glass-bodied enemies that can only be defeated by targeting their weak points on armor.
  • A glowing orb similar to Void fissures can be spawned in missions to track down the enemies.
  • Access new Crime Simulas from the Nightwave menu with every new series release.
  • Decode unique symbols and texts that will be exclusive for every user playing the game.
  • Enter Memory Weaves to search for evidence.
  • Join an open crew from the Star Chart and complete Railjack missions to unlock your very own Railjack.

Apart from these, The Nightwave Series 3 also boasts a massive interactive narrative that allows you to complete Daily and Weekly tasks to salvage more points and shreds of evidence to stop the cryptic killer from terrorizing the Solar System.