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How To Save In Super Mario 64 (3D All-Stars)

Wondering how to save your game in Super Mario 64 (3D All-Stars)? Is there autosave function? Find out here.

Super Mario 64 has arrived on Nintendo Switch as a part of the 3D All-Stars pack which is awesome news for Mario fans – new and old. Since a lot of new players will be experiencing this adventure for the first time, they might want to know how to save in Super Mario 64 3D All-Stars. Veteran players, too, might need some help so here’s our guide that will help you out.


Super Mario 64: How to Save your Game (3D All Stars)

Now, it is important to note that there is no auto-save feature in the game. Instead, the method is old school where you have to choose the option to save in a pop up.

Basically, when you find a star, you will see a pop up where there will be multiple options shown on the screen. They are as follows:

  • Save and Continue
  • Save and Quit
  • Continue and Don’t Save

Based on your requirements at that point of time, you can choose the desired option. Saving the game is what I choose to do every time because I can play without worries after that.

If you want to manually save whenever you want, you cannot do it, sadly. So, you need to make some wise decisions regarding when to stop playing for the day. If you have collected a star and want to finish playing, pick the Save and Quit option.


In all, there are 120 stars that you can get your hands on in Super Mario 64 (3D All Stars) so you won’t have too much of trouble trying to save your game. In fact, it actually gives you more of a motivation to keep going and complete the Super Mario 64.

That’s everything you need to know about how to save your game in Super Mario 64 3D All Stars Collection. Don’t miss our other coverage on games from this package on Switch like Can you do the BLJ, how to long jump, get the Metal Cap, Wing Cap and do the Ground Pound easily.