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How To Quickly Restock on Bandages In Chivalry 2

Do you wish to know how to restock bandages in Chivalry 2? Check it out right here

There are multiple methods to restock bandages in Chivalry 2 and they will help you to stay longer in the fight and be victorious. You can use either of these methods to your advantage if you master how to restock on them. If you do not know how to do it, here’s everything that you need to know.


How To Restock on Bandages In Chivalry 2

To restock on Bandages in Chivalry 2, all you have to do is find the static ammo chests near the capture nodes on the map. Make sure to use the special abilities of the Footman classes that can healing boxes.

how to restock on bandages in chivalry 22

These two methods are the only way you can restock bandages to heal yourself on the battlefield in Chivalry 2. You will need to protect the Footman soldiers as activating their special abilities does take time, so make sure that there aren’t enemies slashing at them.

While if you cannot find any Footman soldiers nearby, getting close to a capture node and using the ammo chest will help you to restock on useful items in the game.

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This will considerably increase your chances of winning every fight as you will be able to stay alive longer.

It is impossible to come out of every fight in the game unscathed and this is where bandages come in handy.

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