How To Fix Weak Bow In Minecraft

Wondering how you can repair your broken Bow in Minecraft? Here's all you need to know.

In Minecraft, you better keep your melee and ranged weapons close to surviving longer in this sandbox world. When it comes to weapons not all of them last long and eventually break, leaving you empty-handed to fight off the enemies. One such item that degrades after using excessively is the Bow. This ranged weapon is made up of Sticks & Strings. And can surely come in handy when you are cornered by Mobs or Zombies in the game. If your Bow is also on the urge to break, then check out how you can repair it in Minecraft. Below we have mentioned all the possible ways of fixing this weapon easily.

How to Repair Broken Bow in Minecraft?

How to Repair Broken Bow in Minecraft

Players can easily repair & fix their broken Bow in Minecraft by using Anvil, Crafting Table, & Grindstone. Before you ahead make sure you have an extra Bow in your inventory. If you don’t then simply craft it using 3x Sticks & 3x Strings or simply obtain it by fishing & trading. For a better understanding let’s take a look at the ways to fix bows in detail.

Repair Using Anvil

The best way to repair a Bow in the game is by using an Anvil. It not only allows you to fix a weapon but also to rename it easily. Here to repair a Bow simply combine the weak one and the durable one by placing them in the slots. Once done, wait and it’ll automatically create a new bow by adding what’s left of the existing ones. However, doing so will surely cost some of your XP levels. But it’s worth it if you are repairing an Enchanted Bow. If you don’t have an Anvil then you can mine one by using any Pickaxe or simply craft it by yourself by using the materials mentioned below.

  • 3x Block of Iron + 4x Iron Ingot: Anvil

Repair Bow Using Crafting Table

If players don’t have an Anvil, then the Crafting Table can also get the job done. All you have to do is place 2 of your weak bows in the Slots and simply combine them. Doing so will add up the remaining durability of the existing bows and depending on that it’ll craft a new one. As a downside, unlike Anvil, the crafting table will not allow you to transfer enchantment and simply give you a standard Bow.

Repair Using Grindstone

Grindstone can also be used to repair a bow in Minecraft. Similar to the Crafting Table, it’ll only combine and craft a standard bow without transferring the Enchantments. On the other hand, it not only combines the existing Bows durability but also adds up an extra 5%  to it. So if you don’t have an Anvil then we recommend you repair your bows using Grindstone. If you don’t have one, then simply mine it using your Pickaxe or craft it using the materials listed below.

  • 2x Stick + 1x Stone Slab + 2x Any Planks: Grindstone

That cover all about how you can repair and fix a Bow in Minecraft easily. While you are here check out how you can Duplicate Items in the game. Also, take a look at the best Coordinates for Diamonds (Bedrock Edition).

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