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How To Duplicate Items In Minecraft

Check out the best dupe glitches to duplicate items in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, there is a plethora of resources for you to gather. Using them, you can craft new buildings, weapons, armor, and other tools. But in the later stages of the game, you will come across items that are rare. In order to get more, we can tell you how to use a glitch to dupe or duplicate items in Minecraft. And no, we are not talking about creative mode or cheats. Using these glitches, you can multiply rare items like Diamonds in realms, servers, and normal worlds.

Item Duplication Glitches in Minecraft

Minecraft glitches to dupe items:

  • Horse Armor Duplication Glitch
  • Llama Armor Glitch
  • Portal Dupe Glitch

Horse Armor Duplication Glitch

Horse Armor Duplicate Glitch
Image Source: ItsMe James on Youtube

As the name suggests, this glitch allows you to duplicate your horse armor. To do so:

  • Mount your horse and place the armor.
  • Then get off the horse and kill it.
  • Once eliminated, the horse will drop two armor pieces instead of one.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that it will not work and you will lose your horse for no reason. But it is an excellent way to multiply your Diamond Horse Armor so give it a shot.

Llama Armor Glitch

This one is similar to the previous method, but instead of Armor, you will get another Carpet.

  • Get on the Llama and place the Carpet.
  • Get off and kill the Llama to get two carpets.

Portal Dupe Items Glitch

Portal dupe glitch
Image Source: ItsMe James on Youtube

The Portal Dupe works best to duplicate several items in your inventory. However, it will only work in Normal Worlds.

  • Set up a Portal.
  • Grab a Shulker Box full of items you want to duplicate and enter the portal. But make sure that the other side is safe.
  • Once inside, turn back and stand facing the portal. Then, go to the main menu and select “Save & Quit”.
  • Reenter the saved file and walk through the portal.
  • Now, just as you come out the other side, close the game by pressing Alt + F4. Timing is important here so you might have to try several times before getting it right.
  • Relaunch Minecraft and enter that saved file.
  • Then enter the portal and you will have a duplicated Shulker Box full of items along with your original one.

You can also use a Chest instead of a Shulker Box here.

These are the best glitches to dupe or duplicate items in Minecraft. For more helpful guides like How to make Netherite Armor, make sure you visit our Minecraft section.