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FE Engage: How To Get Units (Recruitment Guide)

Here is how you can easily recruit units to your party in Fire Emblem Engage.

Knowing how to recruit units in Fire Emblem Engage can come in pretty handy. As you progress through the game, there are many different characters that you will meet. But not all of them will join you immediately. To add some of them to your party you will have to go the extra mile. So here is how you can recruit and get characters in Fire Emblem (FE) Engage.


How to Recruit Units in Fire Emblem Engage

how to recruit and get units in fire emblem engage

You can recruit most characters in this game by simply progressing the story. But for a certain few characters, you will need to talk to them to have them join you on your quest. Here is how you can recruit them in FE Engage:

  1. Select Alear during the player phase and place them beside the character that you want to recruit. This can be a different character based on who you are recruiting.
  2. Next, for you action click on Talk.
  3. This will start a dialogue between the two characters.

Once it is over, you will recruit the new character to your party. Remember you can only add them in the given chapter, once you complete it you won’t get to recruit them for the rest of your playthrough.


Below is the list of all characters that you will need to recruit manually. Before checking the list, there are some Minor spoilers ahead for the characters (specifically their names and the chapter names). So now that you have been warned here are them all:

Optional Characters that you can Recruit in FE Engage

  • Jean: Talk to him using Alear in the Paralogue Mission “Budding Talent”.
  • Anna: Talk to her using Alear in the Paralogue Mission “Mysterious Merchant”.
  • Jade: Talk to her using Diamant in Chapter 9 A Clash of Forces.
  • Seadall: Talk to him using Alear in Chapter 15 A Dancer in the Ruins.
  • Saphir: Talk to her using Alear in Chapter 19 The Dead Town.

That covers this guide on how to Recruit units in Fire Emblem Engage. For more help on this game be sure to check our other guides on how to cook meals, the list of all new and returning characters, and if you should play this game before FE:3H. And for any other help on this game check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides.