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FE Engage: How To Cook Meals (Get Leftovers Bento)

Here is a complete cooking guide to help you with nutritious meals in FE Engage.

One of the most useful things you can do in FE Engage is to cook meals and treat them to your character and their friends. The cooking mechanism comes in handy in many ways. If you consider the basics then these are good for giving your characters a stat boost. But even from the game’s perspective, it is nice to take a break amidst the chaos and relax with your friends a bit. So without further ado here is how you can cook meals and get leftovers Bento in Fire Emblem Engage.


How to Cook Meals in Fire Emblem Engage

fire emblem fe engage cook meals and get leftovers bento
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You can cook a meal at the Cafe Terrace in Somniel. Technically, you won’t be cooking rather the chef behind the counter will cook, so you will have to place an order.

  1. Go to Cafe Terrace.
  2. Next, while placing your order, choose 2 partners that will join you for your meal.
  3. Now, select the food or the meal that you wish to eat with them. Make sure you select food that your allies will like and enjoy.
  4. Here, choose the main and additional ingredients. On the left side, you can check the basic effect bonus the meal will give you.
  5. Once everything is selected the game will ask you if you are ready to start cooking. Confirm yes.

After the transition screen, you will get to see your character and allies share food together and talk over it. If they enjoyed the meal you will see your stats go up. Make sure that not only is the food good but also to their liking. Giving them badly prepared food or something they don’t like can give them debuffs in battle. But all is not bad, when you treat them to something delicious they will get their stats boosted.

How to Get Bento or Leftovers in FE Engage

You get Bento or leftovers from the chef after the meal is prepared. To get it you should give additional ingredients to your chef. Based on their skills they will pack you extra food (leftovers). Don’t forget to add these leftovers to the inventory of the characters you plan on taking to battle with you.


That covers this guide on how to Cook Meals in Fire Emblem Engage and get Bento leftovers. I suggest you also check out our FE Engage section for more help on other topics for this game.