Destruction AllStars: How to Punch Other Players in the Arena?

While on foot you can chase down anyone and punch them.

Destruction AllStars is the new hyped up game for PS5. Released as a free game for the virtual shelves it has been taking gamers for a ride with its vibrant graphics and immersive gameplay experience. Destruction AllStars features 16 characters, the AllStars, with each having its own signature vehicle. It even allows players to exit their vehicles mid game adding another element to the game that involves hand to hand combat including punches and kicks. This has created a hybrid game that is unlike anything else on the market with immense customization that is currently unrivaled because there isn’t anything else that is similar to it.

Players can use hand to hand combat against their competitors once they have exited their vehicles. This can be to evade or knockout your enemies while on foot or to steal their ride.

How to Punch?

Destruction Allstars: How to Punch

Okay, we need to get this out of the way. So it isn’t technically how to punch, rather it is how to barge into your opponent. Destruction AllStars has been made with various age groups in mind. The flashy cars and different emotes should be enough of a hint for you about what Lucid Games were going for.
Now let’s see how to get your hands dirty in this game. According to the default settings, all you have to do is press ‘square’ when you are in front of your opponent. We would not recommend punching cars as that would end up with you losing that particular battle. If you do get knocked out by a car when you’re on foot you will respawn.

If you are looking to change the controls, you can do so. Head to the main menu and press the Options button. Go over to the Keybinds tab and look for the Barge (punch) section that will show the default ‘square’ key. You can click on it and change it to whatever you feel will be more comfortable for you.
Now you can punch your way to that fancy new vehicle before your opponent gets it.

Now that you know how to punch, have a look at how to steal opponents’ vehicles or how to shake off enemies in Destruction Allstars.