Destruction AllStars: How To Shake Off Enemies

Here's how to quickly fill up your bar and shake off enemies from a vehicle in Destruction AllStars.

Destruction Allstars is all about knocking off enemy vehicles and collecting points. But your opponents can also take over your vehicle by jumping on top of your car by smashing  Square and Circle buttons repeatedly. You have to shake off your opponents successfully and get rid of them to not be taken over. Here’s the guide for Destruction Allstars how to shake off enemies.

How to Shake Off Enemies in Destruction AllStars?

To shake off enemies, you need to flick and wiggle the left analog stick and fill up the blue bar before the opponent can fill their orange bar. You can also ram into other vehicles and take sharp turns to throw enemy carjacker off. You must move the left stick in a “to and fro” motion from left to right repeatedly to fill up your bar before they fill theirs. 

In short, you have to quickly fill up your bar by flicking left analog left and right as fast as possible and shake off enemies from a vehicle.

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How to Successfully Shake Off Opponents From Car Top?
How To Shake Off Enemies in Destruction Allstars

Completing a shake off successfully will give you an additional point, also you can keep driving the car you are currently in. To do this, you need to act as soon as the enemy jumps on top of your car. While the goal is to throw the enemy off the car, the game’s shake-off mechanism takes into account how quickly you are flipping the left analog stick to fill up your bar. Our aim here is to mix this along with ramming into nearby cars and making hard U-turns to fill our bar first. You have to take them off before they can take your car.

If you do this successfully, then the enemy will lose their grip and fall off the car top. But if they fill their bar first, then you will be ejected off the car while they carjack your ride. Once you are ejected you need to find another ride, by jumping on to other players or other unoccupied cars. While on foot, don’t forget to collect the shards.

That’s everything you need to know about how to shake off enemies in Destruction AllStars. For more  Destruction AllStars tips and tricks, check out our guides here.