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How To Steal Opponent’s Vehicle in Destruction AllStars

Here's a quick guide on how to takeover other player's vehicle in Destruction AllStar.

The PS5 Exclusive game Destruction AllStars has finally released and it has received mixed reviews from gamers. Since it is a vehicular combat game and players will have to discover ways to destroy vehicles of their opponents, we have come up with a guide explaining how to takeover or steal other players vehicle in Destruction AllStars.

The game has already for PS5 but there are players who still don’t know that Destruction AllStars does provide an option to steal or hijack other plater’s vehicles. If you too are not aware of the same feature then don’t worry, we have got everything covered.

Destruction AllStars: How To Steal Or Hijack Opponent’s Vehicle

Stealing someone’s vehicle in Destruction AllStar is quite simple. If you want to steal or take over someone’s vehicle, you will have to get close to him or her vehicle first. When the vehicle comes close to you, dodge their attack by using the Circle button. Once successfully dodged, hit the Triangle. Doing this will mount you on top of the vehicle that you want to steal or take over.

Stealing an opponent’s vehicle in Destruction AllStar is quite easy because the game provides this option in the main menu of the game. When you go into the main menu, tap on the options menu. Now, look for the Bindings Tab. There, you will see Quick Time Events. There are two options — Takeover Prompt Left and Takeover Prompt Right.

If you are finding it hard to steal an opponent’s vehicle in the game, try to map these to buttons that you are more comfortable with.

That’s everything you need to know about how to steal other player’s vehicle in Destruction AllStar. While here, ensure reading about how to shack off enemies and how to change Matchmaking Region In Destruction AllStar.