Wordle Unlimited Games To Play More Than Once (Unblocked)

Can't get enough of Wordle? Here are the best games to play more than 'one' a day.

Wordle is an addictive word game but the only problem that players obsessed with it will have – is that you can only play it once a day. Thankfully, there are some more games that are very similar to Wordle where you can solve the puzzles an ‘unlimited’ number of times. Let’s look at the best games that can be played more than once and are based on the same concept of Wordle.

Wordle Unlimited Games – How to Play More than Once a Day?

After you solve one puzzle, you don’t have to wait till another day to get to the second one if you play these Wordle unlimited games. They can all be accessed from the browser so you don’t have to bother with a game download – perfect for those in school or bored at work.


how to play wordle unlimited

The UI and theme of WordleUnlimited.org is exactly like Wordle. The colors of the letters at the right spot and wrong spot are same too. The only difference is that there’s a PLAY AGAIN button that will come in handy if you’re planning to complete a lot of puzzles.


word play wordle

If you’d like some practice to completely nail the original wordle game, you can head to Wordplay.com. After solving the puzzle on the screen, hit the NEW GAME button and continue honing your vocabulary and Wordle solving skills.


wordle game unlimited

This is a wordle game that has a very responsive UI. You can quickly guess words one after the other and don’t have to wait too much until the letters reveal their colors. Once done, press the Enter key to solve another puzzle right away. Players can also download the puzzle image, copy it with emojis and share their results.


word play

This is yet another website where the “reveal” of letters happens very quickly. Once you have guessed a word (or failed to guess it), a new pop up will appear where you can click the Start Over button and continue to complete new puzzles.

Note that NYT has taken down multiple Wordle archive websites and there’s a chance these might stop working too. If that happens we will update this guide. While you are here, don’t forget to check the best similar iOS games and more alternatives, clones and spinoffs that are currently available to play.