How To Open Caustic’s Treatment Room In Apex Legends

Do you wish to know how to enter Caustic's Treatment Room in Apex Legends? Check it out right here

Caustic’s Treatment Room in Apex Legends is a new POI made specifically for the Chaos Theory event in the game in Season 8. Getting inside this room and opening it can be a bit tricky and a lot of players have been stuck wondering just about how to access it. If you wish to know how to open Caustic’s Treatment Room in Apex Legends, check it out right here.

How To Open Caustic’s Treatment Room In Apex Legends

To open Caustic’s Treatment Room in Apex Legends, you will need to play as either Caustic or Wattson and land in Caustic Treatment. Once here, make sure that you go to the back of the POI and look for two landing pads, and here you should see a vent just high enough for you to jump and climb into. Once inside the vent as Caustic or Wattson, you will be able to open the door to this room In Apex Legends.

how to open caustic's treatment room in apex legends
To open Caustic’s Treatment room in Apex Legends make sure to select either Caustic or Wattson

Beware though, since this is a new element in Apex Legends there will be tons of players trying to get inside, and other players will also be able to enter this place once you open it. To save yourself, make sure to gas the room as soon as you enter it, and then you will have a chance against enemies.

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As you interact with the terminal you will get the backstory of Caustic’s experiments and his relationship with Wattson. Here you can even use either of the two terminals and drain the toxic chemicals from the ground giving you an additional 4 cylinders in the main chamber and revealing 4 Gold tier items.

Other than this, there isn’t any other reward associated with opening Caustic Treatment’s Room. While you’re here make sure to check out How To Fix Problem Processing Game Logic Bug In Apex Legends right here on Gamer Tweak.