How to Mega Evolve In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

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Can you Mega Evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX? The answer is yes you can. There is a requirement to find a rare item that supports Mega Evolve, this guide will help you to find it. Also, you can find the list of Pokemons which are Mega Evolve along with all details. To mega evolve you will have to reach the basic evolution stages, that unlock Evolution in  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. And this happens only after you had completed the game and reached the end

How to Mega Evolve

To Mega Evolve you will need Empowerment Seed in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. It is a rare item that you will find inside the chests in Dungeons. It is a rare item and can be used only one time to Mega Evolve. Another way to find Empowerment Seed is through rewards by completing missions. Using Empowerment Seed you can unlock the Awakened state of your Pokemon. So you just have to feed them, once done the will become awakened. That’s it this is how you can mega evolve.

The basic criteria are to find a rare time Empowerment seed in the game. Awakened Pokemons have higher stats and their linked moves can cause critical hits. They also become immune to type disadvantages. Only a few numbers of Pokemons can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. You can find their list below.

  • Empowerment Seed – Eating it causes the Pokemon to become Awakened, making them very strong.

Pokemon that Mega Evolve will change their form and bring a new set of moves. They will be far stronger compared to their basic form. To unlock this state you will have to beat the game and reach to the end. After the end credit scene returns to Town Square and go to Luminous Cave to unlock a new menu to evolve Pokemons. Just feed the seed.

Empowerment Seed Effect: The effect of Empowerment Seed will last on the floor where you use it. If you move to the next floor or escape the dungeon then Pokemon will be returned back to its normal state. So use it wisely only when required or when you are dealing with some toughest pokemon.

List of Pokemons that can Mega Evolve

  1. Absol
  2. Aerodactyl
  3. Aggron
  4. Alakazam
  5. Altaria
  6. Ampharos
  7. Banette
  8. Beedrill
  9. Blastoise
  10. Blaziken
  11. Camerupt
  12. Charizard
  13. Gallade
  14. Gardevoir
  15. Gengar
  16. Glalie
  17. Groudon
  18. Heracross
  19. Houndoom
  20. Kangaskhan
  21. Kyogre
  22. Latias
  23. Latios
  24. Lucario
  25. Manectric
  26. Mawile
  27. Medicham
  28. Metagross
  29. Mewtwo
  30. Pidgeot
  31. Pinsir
  32. Rayquaza
  33. Sableye
  34. Salamence
  35. Sceptile
  36. Scizor
  37. Sharpedo
  38. Slowbro
  39. Steelix
  40. Swampert
  41. Tyranitar
  42. Venusaur

Now you know how to mega evolve a pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.