Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX – How to evolve and Find Evolution Crystal

Here is what you can do if your Pokemon is not evolving

If you are looking for how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX then you are in the right place. Pokemon does not evolve automatically in the game, there is a set of requirements to complete this objective. In this guide, I will show you step by step method on how to evolve a Pokemon in the game and where to find Evolution Crystal.

How to Evolve Pokemon?

To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, first, complete the game. You will have to reach to the end screen, and once the edit credits are over, return to Town Square. Go to Luminous Cave. Entering this cave will unlock a new Menu that will allow you to evolve Pokemon in the game.

From Luminous Cave your evolve various Pokemon in the first place, but there are certain requirements. Check the information screen that will tell you which Pokemon are ready for the process. There is a kind of level requirement when a Pokemon reaches that specific level it can evolve.

Some Pokemon in Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX cannot evolve without Evolution Crystal. This is another requirement and here is how you can find one.

Where to find Evolution Crystals?

There are multiple ways to find Evolution Crystals in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Some of them are rewarded for completing Job, while you can find some in Kecleon’s shop inside dungeons. Finding it on the floor is a rare possibility, still, you can try exploring all possible regions.

Getting Evolution Crystals as a reward after completing a mission is rare, the best place to start with is Kecleon’s shop. There are more Evolution Crystals in tougher Dungeons. The tougher they are the more crystals will be rewarded.

In simple words, Evolution Crystals are a reward of completing tougher Dungeons. Visit Buried Relic B99F to grab Deluxe Box and around 8 Evolution Crystals.

After finding the crystals go to the cave and use the Evolution Menu to see which one you an evolve. You will also see the requirements for the next level of evolution.