Infinite Craft: How To Make Wife

Looking to get a Wife? Here’s everything you need to know in order to get this element in Infinite Craft.

You can create anything you want in Infinite Craft. Players have been interested in crafting Presidents, Pop star icons, TikTok, and even their favorite Anime characters. Similarly, after unlocking rare elements like Girlfriend and Romance, many players have been looking for a way to make a Wife.

As a result, we have listed some of the items you can combine to get this element. Utilizing the steps we have mentioned in our crafting guide, you can craft this special element and use it as an ingredient while making Widow, Freedom, Thorn, Mother, Husband, Mother-in-law, and much more.

How to Make Wife in Infinite Craft

How to Make Wife in Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

Although you must complete a 10-step process to make this recipe, it will be extremely easy. During this crafting process, you can get various other useful elements like Sandstorm, Oasis, Wedding, and Dating. However, you will get a Wife by combining Bride and Marriage. Here’s how to make Wife in Infinite Craft using all the elements included in this unique recipe:

  1. Earth + Water = Plant
  2. Earth + Wind = Dust
  3. Dust + Wind = Sandstorm
  4. Sandstorm + Water = Oasis
  5. Oasis + Plant = Date
  6. Date + Water = Dating
  7. Dating + Dating = Marriage
  8. Dating + Dust = Wedding
  9. Wedding + Water = Bride
  10. Bride + Marriage = Wife

For the final step of this recipe, you will have to combine Bride and Marriage to make Wife.

All Crafting Recipes with Wife in Infinite Craft

  • Wife + Water = Widow
  • Wife + Widow = Divorce
  • Wife + Divorce = Freedom
  • Wife + Aphrodite = Adultery
  • Wife + Dust = Clean
  • Wife + Marriage = Husband
  • Wife + Rose = Thorn
  • Wife + Earth = Mother
  • Wife + Mother = Mother-in-law
  • Wife + Mother-in-law = Daughter-in-law

We have covered everything you need about how to make Wife in Infinite Craft. If you found this recipe helpful, you can also start crafting Best Friend, People, Love, Happiness, and several other unique recipes that you can find here on Gamer Tweak.