Infinite Craft: How to Make Michael Jackson

If you know how to make Michael Jackson in Infinite Craft, then it will help you in unlocking other singers in the game. That’s exactly why we made this guide for you.

If you are wondering how to make Michael Jackson in Infinite Craft, then it is very wasy and can be done with in 10 steps. Many players are able to unlock other elements/blocks like Music, Pop, King, but to get the “king of Pop” you have to naviage a different route in the ame by focusing on his other characteristics. Like his iconic dance moves. So today we will find a easy way to get the one and only king MJ in few steps.

How to Make Michael Jackson in Infinite Craft

Here’s how to make Micheal Jackson in Infinite Craft:

  1. Earth + Fire = Lava
  2. Lava + Water = Stone
  3. Water + Fire = Steam
  4. Steam + Fire = Engine
  5. Engine + Stone = Steamroller
  6. Earth + Wind = Dust
  7. Dust + Earth = Planet
  8. Planet + Earth = Moon
  9. Moon + Steamroller = Moonwalk
  10. Moonwalk + Fire = Michael Jackson
How to Make Michael Jackson in Infinite Craft

Here’s Method 2 to make Micheal Jackson Infinite Craft:

  • Combine Earth with Wind to craft Dust.
  • Merge Fire with Water to craft Steam.
  • Fuse Dust with Earth to craft Planet.
  • Mix Water with Water to craft Lake.
  • Blend Planet with Steam to craft Steampunk.
  • Add Lake with Water to craft Ocean.
  • Combine Ocean with Steampunk to craft Steampunk Pirate.
  • Merge Earth with Water to craft Plant.
  • Fuse Plant with Steampunk Pirate to craft Steampunk Plant.
  • Mix Fire with Wind to craft Smoke.
  • Blend Plant with Steam to craft Tea.
  • Add Smoke with Steampunk Plant to craft Steampunk Tree.
  • Combine Dust with Water to craft Mud.
  • Merge Earth with Tea to craft Teapot.
  • Fuse Mud with Steampunk Tree to craft Swamp.
  • Mix Ocean with Ocean to craft Sea.
  • Blend Earth with Fire to craft Lava.
  • Add Swamp with Teapot to craft Witch.
  • Combine Dust with Plant to craft Pollen.
  • Merge Lava with Sea to craft Stone.
  • Fuse Steam with Steampunk Pirate to craft Steampunk Pirate Ship.
  • Mix Dust with Witch to craft Broom.
  • Blend Pollen with Smoke to craft Bee.
  • Add Planet with Wind to craft Storm.
  • Combine Steampunk Pirate Ship with Stone to craft Stonehenge.
  • Merge Broom with Dust to craft Clean.
  • Fuse Bee with Wind to craft Breeze.
  • Mix Ocean with Stone to craft Island.
  • Blend Fire with Mud to craft Brick.
  • Add Storm with Tea to craft Tempest.
  • Combine Steam with Stonehenge to craft Time.
  • Merge Breeze with Clean to craft Fresh.
  • Fuse Brick with Island to craft Prison.
  • Mix Tea with Tempest to craft Typhoon.
  • Blend Fresh with Time to craft Fruit.
  • Add Dust with Prison to craft Prisoner.
  • Combine Steampunk Pirate with Wind to craft Airship.
  • Merge Lava with Typhoon to craft Volcano.
  • Fuse Fruit with Lava to craft Peach.
  • Mix Dust with Prisoner to craft Slave.
  • Blend Airship with Fire to craft Crash.
  • Add Dust with Volcano to craft Ash.
  • Combine Peach with Steam to craft Pie.
  • Merge Crash with Slave to craft Slavery.
  • Fuse Ash with Dust to craft Cinder.
  • Mix Pie with Wind to craft Piece of Cake.
  • Blend Crash with Slavery to craft Traffic.
  • Add Cinder with Stone to craft Glass.
  • Combine Piece of Cake with Steam to craft Pudding.
  • Merge Traffic with Traffic to craft Traffic Jam.
  • Fuse Glass with Lake to craft Mirror.
  • Mix Planet with Planet to craft Star.
  • Blend Plant with Pudding to craft Salad.
  • Add Mirror with Traffic Jam to craft Car Accident.
  • Combine Salad with Star to craft Superstar.
  • Merge Car Accident with Car Accident to craft Car Crash.
  • Fuse Car Crash with Superstar to craft Michael Jackson.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make Micheal Jackson in Infinite Craft. While you are here, check out our list of other tricky combinations collected in our Infinite Craft Guides. These guides will help you unlock more unique units in the game.