Infinite Craft Guide: How To Make Tea

Here’s the fastest way to get Tea in Infinite Craft from basic elements as well as other recipe combos to make with it.

While many are busy creating complex combinations for unique blocks (like Gojo and Jujutsu Kaisen), some are enjoying the simplicity of the game and going for elements like Chocolate, Wood, TV and more. In this guide, we will explain the easy steps to make Tea in Infinite Craft, which can be a crucial ingredient in other food or drink related recipes.

How to Make Tea in Infinite Craft

The fastest recipe to get Tea in Infinite Craft from the basic elements is to combine Steam with Plant. Mix Water + Fire to get Steam and Water + Earth to get Plant.

recipe to make tea infinite craft
Tea recipe / Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Now with that unlocked, here are some items you can craft with Tea.

  • Tea + Fire = Chai
  • Tea + Wind = Kite
  • Tea + Earth = Teapot
  • Tea + Dust = Tea Bag
  • Tea + Family = Party
  • Tea + Love = Romance
  • Tea + Devil = Hot
  • Tea + Hate = Tetley
  • Tea + Tetley = Tea Bag
  • Tea + Tornado = Teacup
  • Tea + Church = Tea Party
  • Tea + Fairy = Tinkerbell
  • Tea + Pearl = Bubble Tea
  • Tea + Bamboo = Chopsticks
  • Tea + Computer = Tech Support
  • Tea + Japan = Sushi
  • Tea + Country = United Kingdom
  • Tea + USA = Boston Tea Party
  • Tea + America = Taxes

Speaking of drinks, if you’d like to craft the word ‘drunk’ in Infinite Craft, check out the recipe combinations in our linked guide. And for more combos, head over to our list of 1000+ crafting recipes and check out how you can get Phoneand Movie.