How to Make Pewdiepie in Infinite Craft

While you can land up on the Pewdiepie element while mixing ingredients randomly, here are the combinations to guarantee its discovery in Infinite Craft.

Wondering how to make Pewdiepie in Infinite Craft? Here’s the recipe you can follow. Be warned: it’s going to be quite a list of combinations because, in this variation of the recipe, it’s going to take 70 steps to get to Pewdiepie from scratch. Scroll through the guide and skip some steps if you already have plenty of ingredients.

As you may already know, Pewdiepie is a popular Swedish YouTuber known for this comedic as well as more recently, vlog content. He started his career through ‘Let’s Play’ videos of horror games but soon after, branched out to a variety of content types like meme reviews and reactions to other games.

How to Make Pewdiepie in Infinite Craft

how to get pewdiepie infinity craft

Combining Idol with YouTube will help you discover the Pewdiepie element in the game.

Combination Result
Earth + Wind   Dust
Water + Water   Lake
Fire + Water   Steam
Dust + Earth   Planet
Earth + Water   Plant
Lake + Water   Ocean
Planet + Steam   Steampunk
Plant + Steam   Tea
Dust + Lake   Mud
Lake + Ocean   Sea
Earth + Fire   Lava
Ocean + Steampunk   Steampunk Pirate
Earth + Tea   Teapot
Mud + Water   Swamp
Lava + Sea   Stone
Steam + Steampunk Pirate   Steampunk Pirate Ship
Planet + Wind   Storm
Swamp + Teapot   Witch
Steampunk Pirate Ship + Stone   Stonehenge
Storm + Tea   Tempest
Witch + Witch   Witch Hut
Steam + Stonehenge   Time
Tea + Tempest   Typhoon
Time + Witch Hut   Wizard
Fire + Typhoon   Volcano
Dust + Ocean   Sand
Volcano + Wizard   Eruption
Water + Wind   Wave
Eruption + Sand   Glass
Plant + Wind   Dandelion
Ocean + Stone   Island
Fire + Mud   Brick
Glass + Wave   Lens
Dandelion + Dandelion   Dandelion Patch
Brick + Island   Prison
Lens + Swamp   Microscope
Steam + Typhoon   Cloud
Ocean + Tempest   Tsunami
Tempest + Wind   Tornado
Dandelion Patch + Lake   Duck
Dust + Prison   Prisoner
Cloud + Microscope   Rain
Tornado + Tsunami   Destruction
Duck + Water   Duckling
Dust + Prisoner   Slave
Glass + Rain   Window
Dust + Plant   Pollen
Destruction + Tsunami   Earthquake
Duck + Duckling   Family
Fire + Slave   Worker
Wind + Window   Curtain
Planet + Time   Universe
Dust + Mud   Clay
Fire + Wind   Smoke
Earthquake + Pollen   Flower
Earth + Family   Farm
Curtain + Worker   Stage
Fire + Steam   Engine
Clay + Universe   Adam
Flower + Smoke   Incense
Farm + Farm   Village
Stage + Stage   Theater
Adam + Engine   Android
Dust + Incense   Prayer
Theater + Village   Hollywood
Android + Cloud   Google
Prayer + Prayer   Temple
Google + Hollywood   YouTube
Stone + Temple   Idol
Idol + YouTube   Pewdiepie

And there you have it! That was how to make Pewdiepie in Infinite Craft. Speaking of internet personalities, here’s how to get Ludwig, Mr Beast, and Markiplier in the game. Plus, you can also unlock various musicians like Kanye WestDrake,Taylor Swift  and Beyonce — check out our guides to know the exact recipes.