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Minecraft: How To Make & Get Paper?

Here's how to get paper in Minecraft.

Papers are an important basic item in many crafting recipes to make items like maps and books. So if you are wondering how to get these by making paper in Minecraft, check out our guide below.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft?


To make paper in Minecraft you need to open the crafting menu and place three Sugar Canes in the top, middle, or bottom row. Sugar canes can be found near water bodies like rivers, lakes, and ocean biomes. Once you have three of them, place down your crafting table, access the crafting menu, and place these three sugarcanes exactly in any row (not columns) to get 3x Paper.

Minecraft Paper Crafting ingredient

Once you make Minecraft a paper stack, move them to your inventory. With 3 x paper & 1 x leather, you can make a Book in Minecraft. From here you can craft a Book & Quill with 1 x book, 1 x ink sac, & 1x feather. With just 9 x paper you can make a Map and with 8 x paper & 1 x compass to make Locator Map. With paper, you can also customize Banner Patterns. There are seven patterns available in the Bedrock Edition and 6 in Java Edition. Here are Banner Pattern recipes for you:


Name Ingredients
Bordure Indented  Paper + Vines
Creeper Paper + Creeper Head
Field Masoned Paper + Bricks
Flower Paper + Oxeye Daisy
Skull Paper + Wither Skeleton Skull
Thing Paper + Enchanted Golden Appl

How to Get Paper in Minecraft?

You can also get Paper in Minecraft as Chest loots. From Shipwreck’s Supply chests you have a 45%-50% and from Map chests, you have an almost 90% chance to get 1–10 paper. Library chests from Stronghold and Cartographer’s chest from Village will also give you paper. But if you don’t want to go out looking for these chests then crafting from sugar canes is the easiest way to make and get paper.


That’s everything you need to know about how to make paper in Minecraft. If you an avid player of Minecraft then you need to check out our Minecraft Guides like Best Minecraft House Ideas, and Best Minecraft Village Seeds.