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Minecraft House Ideas: Some cool Minecraft House ideas for your next build

Looking for Minecraft house inspiration and ideas from small wooden cabins to luxury treetop retreats, check out this list of Cool Minecraft house ideas.

Are you looking for some brilliant Minecraft house ideas? If yes, do not fret, we have got you covered.  We all know how difficult it is to build a house in Minecraft and how much time it consumes. If you are looking for some Minecraft house ideas and inspirations, we have brought to you some of the best ideas to inspire players in their next survival or creative game.

The list of Minecraft house ideas we have enlisted here will surely save a lot of your time and efforts, so you will have a time to enjoy your new pad. Irrespective of you are new to Minecraft or a Minecraft building pro, we have shortlisted the types of Minecraft houses you can build, including wooden houses, beach homes and medieval houses in Minecraft along with our favourite designs and tutorials out there. Here are some Minecraft house ideas to inspire players in their next survival or creative game.

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Cool Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft Medieval House

Minecraft House Ideas

Medieval House is very useful in Minecraft and the reason behind is it comes in all shapes and sizes. When I started building it I realized it was a perfect size that I needed the most. The Medieval Minecraft house has lots of chest storage, craft table, anvil space and access to a mining shaft. It also an optional table to keep your fancy horse nearby.

Minecraft Treehouse

Minecraft House Ideas

These Minecraft houses might not suitable for vertigo sufferers but these are undoubtedly a great way to escape the creepers coming out at night to save your time repairing your Minecraft shield. You can make your new house perched at the top of the tree or built up from scratch. We all know how important is to get the base right when it comes to building a Minecraft treehouse, whether you want to build a house atop of free or a tree that works as a house.

Minecraft Wooden House

Minecraft House Ideas

You can build Minecraft Wooden House as big or small as you wish, from wood-panelled palatial mansions to cosy log cabins positioned on the outskirts of a Minecraft village, you can let your imagination run riot as long as you have the supplies. Wooden houses in Minecraft are versatile and you can easily get its materials or create to suit for your Minecraft needs. It also comes with a porch making it easier for you to relax and set off on an adventure.

Minecraft Modern House

Minecraft House Ideas

If you do not love a rustic house, don’t worry, Minecraft has numerous Minecraft house designs to choose from as well.  To build a Modern house in Minecraft, you need to prioritize materials that are very plain. It is to be noted that Concrete is regarded as the best Materials to build a Modern house,  paired with wooden planks of almost any colour.

Unlike other Minecraft houses, Modern house requires a little bit more time to be constructed, so you need to be well prepared and dedicated.

Minecraft Beach House

Minecraft House Ideas

One of my favourites to try to build is a beach house and it features a lovely gazebo that overlooks the ocean. The gazebo features a playful rug bringing a pop of colour and beach feel to the overall aesthetic.

Minecraft Japanese House

Minecraft House Ideas

I truly love this design and it completely different from the Minecraft houses that we have enlisted here. If you really want to experience a new style, then opting for Japanese House is highly recommended. While this might only suit you for a small while on a survival game, you can use plenty of the ideas here to expand on the build.

The deck looks amazing and the roofing has a lot of style to it. With the help of these design principles, you can expand on this and you will find yourself making something really amazing.

Minecraft Villa

Minecraft House Ideas

If you really want to get relaxed by the pool with a cool drink in your hand, you all will need your very own Minecraft villa and luckily it will take 45 minutes of your to get it completed. It’s not a complex design, but once you get the bare bones built, you can fill it with these luxury Minecraft kitchen ideas.

Underwater Modern House

Minecraft House Ideas

Do you want to live like Spongebob? If yes, this is not exactly the same but you will be under the sea nonetheless. This is surely a modern Minecraft house that has been submerged underwater that removes the water from it so you can live under the sea but without it soaking your furniture! It has two stories and features a glass ladder/elevator area allowing you to get back to the surface without getting wet.

Brick House

Minecraft House Ideas

looking for a more traditional vide to your home and less of a cabin feel, opting for a brick house is the best option. This could be the best option if you wish to keep things quite simple and by stylish. There are plenty of things that you can play within this design leaving you with some creative options for your front yard.

What I most like about Brick House is the flower box they create in front which uses trap doors to create the effect. The stairs located on the left side of this design is quite unique and is a nice functional feature.

The above mentioned Minecraft houses ideas are the ideal start points if you are looking for Minecraft house ideas and inspiration on your next build.