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How To Make Leather In Windbound Easily

Here's how to craft and make leather in Windbound. Easy way of making it with a campfire, drying rack and animal skin. Read to find out.

While playing Windbound, you will need some leather during your journey. It is a resource in some crucial crafting recipes but where to find Leather in Windbound? Is it a natural resource or do you have to put in some work to make it? Get all the answers you need in this guide on how to make Leather in Windbound.

How to Get Leather in Windbound


To answer the first question on your mind, yes, animals are a source of leather (of course). You can get animal skin as a drop from animals after you fight them and eventually beat them. You can fight smaller animals like pigs to avoid putting yourself in too much danger. But you need to remember that not all skin drops can be made into leather.

Now, once you have got your hands on some animal hide, you have to do the next step. That is to dry it out. You need to basically cure it over fire and that’s where the campfire comes in.

How to Make a Campfire



Don’t know how to make a campfire in Windbound? Don’t worry, it is pretty easy. You need 1 thick grass, 1 stick and 2 rocks for it. Gather these resources and craft a fire from the Crafting menu. It will be in the Survival section as you can see in the picture above.

After crafting the fire, you have to build it wherever you like. Next, you need a Drying Rack. It can hold up to 3 items at a time. That can be crafted with 2 sticks and 3 thick grass. This will come in handy to cook items on the fire including raw meat.


Once you have that, you have to interact with the fire and add the skin to the Drying Rack. Now, it is a waiting game because it will take some time to make the leather. With this newly learned technique, you can make use of leather in a variety of items like an axe, glider, Plainstalker bow, armored bag, bone tipped spear and more.

So, here’s a short recap:

  1. Get a skin from an animal
  2. Make a fire and create a Drying Rack
  3. Dry out the skin to make Leather in Windbound


That’s everything you need to know about it. For more Windbound guides, check out our articles on how to increase stamina, how to find food and how to get more sea shards.