How To Make Kratos & God Of War In Infinite Craft

Are you a big fan of the God of War Video Game too? Here’s how you can make the Ghost of Sparta, Kratos in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft allows you to create popular Video Game characters like Sonic and Undertale & Sans. The list does not end here as you can also make Kratos from God of War. All you need is the right pair of ingredients and you are all set. The only trouble is figuring out the recipe. You can easily get distracted if you mess up with even one ingredient. So to help you with this issue, we have created this guide.

Here, you will learn how to make God of War and Kratos in Infinite Craft in the easiest way possible. Plus, we will also tell you what else can you make using Kratos as an ingredient. So be sure to stick to the end.

Here’s How to Make Kratos in Infinite Craft

Combine Zeus and God of War to get Kratos in Infinite Craft
Mixing Zeus and God of War to get Kratos in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

You will have to combine God of War and Zeus to get Kratos in Infinite Craft.

I suppose you haven’t figured out the recipe for God of War and Zeus yet. So, here’s how you can create both of them and eventually, Kratos:

  • Recipe for Making Zeus
    • Wind + Wind = Tornado
    • Earth + Wind = Dust
    • Dust + Earth = Planet
    • Planet + Tornado = Cyclone
    • Planet + Cyclone = Jupiter
    • Jupiter + Tornado = Zeus
  • Recipe for Making God of War
    • Fire + Planet = Sun
    • Fire + Sun = Solar
    • Planet + Solar = System
    • Fire + System = Computer
    • Computer + System = Software
    • Software + Earth = Game
    • Game + Computer = Gamer
    • Game + Gamer = Gaming
    • Gaming + Zeus = God of War

Now, fuse God of War + Zeus to get Kratos in Infinite Craft. With this Spartan ingredient, you can make many other things and increase your collection. For example, if you combine Kratos + Earth then you will Titan. Similarly, you can try out other combinations with Kratos and see what it makes.

What to Make Using Kratos in Infinite Craft

For your reference, below is a list of those few things that you can make using Kratos in Infinite Craft:

  • Kratos + Car = Chariot
  • Kratos + Hole = Hades
  • Kratos + Village = Sparta
  • Kratos + Sparta = Spartan
  • Kratos + Aquaman = Poseidon
  • Kratos + Asia = Dynasty Warriors
  • Kratos + Hulk = Hercules
  • Kratos + Super Mario = Mario Kartos
  • Kratos + Religion = Christianity

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