How To Get Dark Mode For Infinite Craft

Tired of that boring white screen in Infinite Craft? Here’s how you can get a Dark Theme for it.

After Cookie Clicker, Infinite Craft is one of the best browser games that I have ever played. Starting with base ingredients like Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire, you can create complex stuff like Batman and even God Units. You can literally go on to play this game for hours without getting bored. However, one customization that most players would want in this game is the Dark Mode. While playing the game, the completely white screen causes strain to the eyes.

Luckily, there’s an extension that you can use to enable Dark Mode in Infinite Craft. This will solve the issue of staring at that dull white screen.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Infinite Craft

Using Better Infinite Craft Extension to get Dark Mode in Infinite Craft
Dark Mode Available in Infinite Craft through Better Infinite Craft Extension. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

You can download an Extension known as “Better Infinite Craft” to enable Dark Mode in Infinite Craft. This extension is available on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and you can get it from the respective Extension or Add-On shop. Once you have added the Better Infinite Craft extension to your browser, you will get a Dark Mode toggle button in Infinite Craft. You can find it in the bottom. Simply press it and enjoy the new Dark theme.

I forgot to tell you that with Dark Mode, you also get some other cool features through this extension. Here are the advantages that you’ll get:

  • You can directly type to find ingredients in your inventory. There’s no need to click on the Search Bar first.
  • Pressing the Enter key will insert the first ingredient on the screen
  • Pressing the ESC button will clear the Search Bar
  • Hold Shift and drag using the cursor to duplicate the items on the screen.

Now that you have the Dark Mode for Infinite Craft, you can easily play this game for hours without many issues. Before you begin your next session, I suggest you check out our Recipes and Combinations list. Referring to it will give you an idea of what else you can create.