How To Make Kobe Bryant In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combination)

Not sure how to make Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft? Here’s the recipe you can use to create this Basketball Legend.

With uncountable Recipes and Combinations, you can create almost anything in Infinite Craft. This also includes athletes of various Sports including Basketball. The one name that may have come to your mind after reading about Basketball might be the Legend of the Sport, the Late Kobe Bryant. As a fan, you can create Kobe if you know the right inputs. Meaning you will have to pair the correct ingredients. This is the toughest part as messing up with even a single ingredient can distract you from creating your desired product. That’s why we are here to help you through it.

In this guide, you will learn the recipe to easily make Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft. Also, we will mention a list of things you can make using Kobe. So stick to the end.

Here’s How to Make Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft

Combine Kobe and Kaleidoscope to get Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft
Mixing Kobe and Kaleidoscope to get Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

You will have to fuse Kobe and Kaleidoscope to make Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft.

Following is a step-by-step method to make Kobe, Kaleidoscope, and eventually, Kobe Bryant:

  • Recipe for Making Kobe
    • Combine Earth + Water to get Plant
    • Combine Plant + Plant to get Tree
    • Combine Water + Plant to get Swamp
    • Combine Tree + Water to get River
    • Combine Plant + Wind to get Dandelion
    • Combine Dandelion + Water to get Wine
    • Combine Wine + Water to get Holy Water
    • Combine Holy Water + River to get Jordan
    • Combine Jordan + Plant to get Basketball
    • Combine Fire + Wind to get Smoke
    • Combine Smoke + Plant to get Incense
    • Combine Earth + Wind to get Dust
    • Combine Dust + Dust to get Sand
    • Combine Sand + Incense to get Snake
    • Combine Snake + Sand to get Cobra
    • Combine Cobra + Basketball to get Kobe
  • Recipe for Making a Kaleidoscope
    • Combine Sand + Fire to get Glass
    • Combine Glass + Smoke to get Mirror
    • Combine Mirror + Mirror to get Kaleidoscope

Finally, you can combine Kaleidoscope + Kobe to get Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft. With this new ingredient, you can make several new things. For example, mixing Kobe Bryant with Smoke will give you LeBron James. Similarly, you can try out various other combinations and see what you can make with Kobe Bryant.

Recipes that Use Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft

For your reference, below is the list of those few things that you can make using Kobe Bryant:

  • Kobe Bryant + Fire = Lakers
  • Kobe Bryant + Lakers = NBA
  • Kobe Bryant + NBA = Legend
  • Kobe Bryant + Legend = Mamba
  • Kobe Bryant + New York = Knicks
  • Kobe Bryant + Knicks = Championship
  • Kobe Bryant + US President = Barack Obama
  • Kobe Bryant + Phone = Kobe Phone
  • Kobe Bryant + Thor = Kobe Thorant
  • Kobe Bryant + GTA = 24
  • Kobe Bryant + 24 = 2016
  • Kobe Bryant + 2016 = Retirement
  • Kobe Bryant + LeBron James = Michael Jordan

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