How To Make Hedgehog In Infinite Craft – Recipe Guide

Here’s the Recipe for making a Hedgehog in Infinite Craft. Also, check out for a list of all those things you can make with Hedgehog.

Making a Hedgehog in Infinite Craft is no biggie as long as you know the right inputs. Since there are plenty of Recipes and Combinations to try, you may have a little trouble in finding the correct one early. So to help you with that, we will tell you the recipe for making the Hedgehog quickly and easily. Also, we have mentioned a list of those few things that you can make with an Infinite Craft Hedgehog.

Being a gamer, you may know that Hedgehog was widely popularized by a Video Game character known as Sonic. Crafting this character is possible in Infinite Craft. So be sure to check out our guide on it.

Anyway, here’s the recipe for creating a Hedgehog.

How to Make a Hedgehog in Infinite Craft

Combine Hedge and Water to get Hedgehog in Infinite Craft
Mixing Hedge and Water to get Hedgehog in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

You will have to fuse Hedge and Water to make a Hedgehog in Infinite Craft.

Below, you will find a step-by-step method of making a Hedgehog, so refer to it and do what we did:

  • Combine Earth + Water to get a Plant
  • Combine Plant + Wind to get a Dandelion
  • Combine Dandelion + Plant to get Weed
  • Combine Weed + Weed to get Bush
  • Combine Earth + Wind to get Dust
  • Combine Dust + Bush to get Shrub
  • Combine Shrub + Bush to get Hedge

Finally, combine Hedge and Water to get Hedgehog in Infinite Craft. With this new ingredient, you can go on to create several new stuff. For example, mixing Hedgehog with Sonic will get you Sonic the Hedgehog. Likewise, you can try and combine it with other ingredients to see what you can get.

What to Make Using Hedgehog?

For your reference, here are a few things that can be made with Hedgehog.

  • Hedgehog + Hedgehog = Porcupine
  • Hedgehog + Volcano = Echidna
  • Hedgehog + Fish = Porcupinefish
  • Hedgehog + Porcupinefish = Hedgehogfish
  • Hedgehog + Country = Pick
  • Hedgehog + Sandstorm = Cactus
  • Hedgehog + Library = Hogwarts
  • Hedgehog + Hogwarts = Harry Potter
  • Hedgehog + Harry Potter = Hedwig
  • Hedgehog + US Consitution = Bill of Rights

Keep exploring the game and see what else can you make with Hedgehog.

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