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Krampus Locations In COD Warzone – How To Find & Kill Krampus Easy

Want to find Krampus's Loaction in COD Warzone? Then get on his Naughty List. Here is how you can Find & Defeat him in COD Warzone.

In the Christmas Season 2021, COD Warzone is having the Festive Fervor Event. In the Festive Fervor Event, many things have been added like Elfs, Christmas missions, and more. But the most notable thing that was added is the most famous Christmas Cryptid, Krampus. Krampus has come to COD Warzone and is hunting down the players who are on his Naughty List. In today’s guide, I will show you how to find & kill Krampus in COD Warzone.

How To Find & Defeat Krampus In COD Warzone

krampus in cod warzone

As you enter a match in COD Warzone, you will get a Message on the Screen that says KRAMPUS IS ON THE HUNT. That means Krampus is finding the Naughty Players in the match. In the Festive Fervor Event of the game, there will be many Christmas Trees that will spawn on the map. You will be able to see them on the minimap. The locations of the Christmas Fir Trees are as follows:

  • North of Airfield
  • North of Beachhead
  • Resort
  • South of Power Plant
  • Southwest of Mines
  • Sub Pen

Once you have found a Christmas Tree, stay within its radius to begin decorating a tree objective. It has 3 stages and at each stage, you will get loot drops with some amazing loot. Because of this, many players will come and fight you for that point. Once you have completed decorating the Christmas Tree, you will be put on Krampus’s Naughty List and he will start hunting you down.

Krampus Locations

Krampus does not have any specific location. He will appear to players if they have come into his Naughty List. Krampus in COD Warzone will teleport near your position, you will be notified with game audio and some effects on your screen when he is close to you. His preferred weapon is Snowballs which deal a decent amount of damage. Before you engage him, make sure you have a lot of Ammo and preferably an Automatic Weapon.

When you see Krampus, start to riddle him with bullets. He has a set amount of health you will kill him. After he dies he will respawn again and you must defeat him. This will happen four times. After you kill him the 4th time, he will be defeated and you will get Top-Tier Loot as a reward. To have the best chances of defeating, fight him in open areas so that you will see him coming to you. In closed areas, he will be able to get close enough to kill you.

This was all about finding and killing Krampus in COD Warzone. Hopefully, this guide has helped you defeat the Christmas Cryptid and get a ton of Loot & EXP. You can also check our guides on Scan And Repair Glitch Fix & Rebirth Island in COD Warzone.