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Why Is Rebirth Island Not Working In COD Warzone Pacific?

Why is Rebirth Island not working? When will Rebirth Island come back to COD Warzone Pacific? Learn the reason for the error and when the map will return from this guide.

Rebirth Island in COD Warzone Pacific is one of the more popular maps that was introduced in Season 1 of the game. This map has a vibrant scenic view, a lot of CQC potential, and is a relatively smaller map. We can see why it is a fan favorite. But recently there was some issue that arose and Rebirth Island was disabled. In today’s guide, I will explain why Rebirth Island was removed and when it will be back in COD Warzone Pacific

Rebirth Island Not Working in COD Warzone Pacific?

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The Rebirth Island was removed from COD Warzone Pacific due to 2 reasons, errors and seasonal change. Rebirth Island was introduced in COD Warzone instead of replacing the Verdansk map. Although there was no map to replace Verdansk, Rebirth Island was more than sufficient as it became the fan-favorite map. This was short-lived as the map got replaced in Season 1 of COD Warzone Pacific by the new map Caldera. Rebirth Island was supposed to be a seasonal map and hence was replaced by Caldera. So because of some errors and the seasonal map change to Caldera is why Rebirth Island was removed. But there is good news as the Devs, Raven Software has confirmed the return of Rebirth Island later in the Season of COD Warzone Pacific.

When will it be back in COD Warzone Pacific?

The date that was revealed to us was 16th December 2021, so by the time this article is released, Rebirth Island should be back in the game. Although before the release, the map had some issues with it. The Devs had stated that Rebirth Island will make its return after the fixes are done. Once the map is back, it will have the Festive Fervor Holiday Event. Along with the Event, there will be a few Map changes like a Construction Site being built into the Control Center, the introduction of Lighting, and Night Mode. These changes will make our favorite map even better. Also when Rebirth Island returns, its ground loot will be updated to include the guns from COD Vanguard.

This was all about when Rebirth Island will return to COD Warzone Pacific. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in giving the needed information. You can also check our guides on COD Warzone Pacific Crashing Error Fix and Known Bugs & Glitches Fix in COD Warzone Pacific.