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COD Warzone Pacific Known Bugs & Glitches And How To Fix Them

Playing the Pacific update of Call of Duty Warzone and came across the game crashing issue, or the gun getting glitched? In this guide let us check all the known bugs and how you can fix them.

The Pacific update for Call of Duty Warzone is out and it brings the new Caldera map. While that all might be good, what isn’t nice is the number of bugs this patch has come with. And these bugs aren’t restricted to just one platform PC & console players are facing these problems together. So in this guide let us take a look at known bugs and glitches for Call of Duty (COD) Warzone pacific and how to fix them.

Known bugs and glitches in COD Warzone Pacific and how to fix them

cod warzone known bugs and glicthes and how to fix them

The developers of Raven software have taken note of all the bugs and are working on resolving them. You can check the list of bugs and their progress on their Trello board. Now let us take a look at the bugs.

  • Game Crashing: This issue is first on this list as you can try the general fixes to resolve it. The game is crashing for many players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. So in order to fix this issue, you can restart your game. And you can also try restarting your system to help with it.

Now onto more specific problems.

  • Audio issues: This game faces problems like inconsistent audio to some parts straight out getting cut. User u/MrAnderson94 on Reddit even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it wasn’t of any help. You can check the other issues users have faced on the Reddit thread here. There is no way to solve this problem right now.
  • Trees & environment not working properly: Some players can see the environment and trees generating while they play, and for others, they can see through the rocks. This issue has to do with the textures not working as intended. Like the above bug, there is no known fix.
  • Guns Glitch: There is a glitch in the game that when you pick up weapons they look like a mess. And that was just when you pick it up, when you use the ADS it gets even worse.
  • Getting less XP: Another bug that isn’t system-specific is you not getting the right amount of XP you should get instead, you get less XP. Just like the previous bugs on this list this issue doesn’t seem to have any fix as of now.
  • Voicechat issue on PC: Crossplay is a much-needed feature in a COD game and unfortunately this is also buggy in this patch. While it may not be working there is a workaround that you can try to resolve this issue.
    • Set the audio device is as default: Open the Sounds control panel and set your headset and mic that you are using for audio as the default device.

That sums up this guide on known bugs and glitches for COD Warzone pacific and how to fix them. If you like playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on zlaner settings and how to fix error 5476 for Call of Duty Warzone.