How To Kick, Ban and Unban Players In Valheim

Want to know how to kick or ban players in Valheim? Or how to unban users on your Valheim server? Use these console commands to make it happen.

When you are playing with others on your Dedicated Valheim server, there is a chance that things won’t go as smoothly as you expected. That’s when you might want to kick someone off your server while you and the others can continue your journey as resourceful Vikings. If you want to know how to kick players in Valheim or even ban and unban them, this guide will show you how to do that easily.

Valheim: How to Kick, Ban and Unban Someone?

valheim how to kick someone

You need to use a Valheim server command in order to kick players on your Dedicated Server. Before using the special command, you have to press F5 and open up the game console. Then type in the following text to kick or ban certain players:

  • kick (name or IP or user ID) – This will kick the player you have mentioned.
  • ban (name or IP or user ID) – This will ban the player from your server.

In case you have changed your mind about a particular player and want to unban them on your server, use the command given below:

  • unban (IP or user ID) – Doing this will unban the player.

Have you banned a lot of users and want to see the full list of banned players in Valheim? You can do it with the command: banned.

For the complete list of Valheim console commands and cheats, head over to our linked guide. Plus, if you want to spawn items in the game without much hassle, you can use the items spawn command as well.

That’s everything you need to know about how to kick and ban players in Valheim. While playing, every player should understand the Biome progression and what to expect in every region. Which bosses will you encounter and what you should do to beat them all? We’ve got everything you need to know and more hidden secrets in our Valheim wiki so don’t miss out.