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How To Save Black Cat In Divinity 2

Can't keep the Black Cat Safe in Fort Joy in Divinity 2? Check here to know how to do it

Keeping the Black Cat safe in Divinity 2 is one of the key aspects as you do not know much about this feline and secretive NPC that you will find in Divinity 2. While the secret of the Black Cat keeps on unfolding, you will have to ensure that the Black Cat survives the ordeal the game has to throw and this guide will show you exactly that.

How To Save Black Cat In Divinity 2


To save the Black Cat in Divinity 2 you will have to escort the cat out of Fort Joy successfully and bring it to The Hollow Marshes, doing this can be a bit problematic as you have no control over the cat. Here are few things that you can do to ensure that the Black Cat can stay alive while you escort it.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure that the Black Cat is escorted out safely:

  • Avoid Magisters
  • Cat’s Fav Party Member
  • No Fast Travel
  • Don’t Leave It Alone


how to keep black cat safe in divinity 2
Check out the few rules to follow to keep the black cat safe in Divinity 2

Avoid Magisters

The guards absolutely hate the Black Cat and will attack sight, it is recommended that you keep the cat away from the Magisters as much as possible.


Cat’s Favorite Party Member

One of the best things about the cat is the fact that you can assign it to a single person instead of the entire party. So make sure that you select the character who is going to sit out of battles and let the cat relax.

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No Fast Travel


Due to game mechanics or pure spite, the cat won’t enter through the fast travel portal in Fort Joy, this means that you will have to walk the entire way so that the cat can accompany you. This is essential to keep the black cat safe in Divinity 2.

Don’t Leave It Alone

If left alone for a while, the cat is prone to running off and disappearing, for you to find it again and bring it back. This can be time-consuming and frustrating. Make sure that you keep the cat around you at all times.

Also, check the map for yellow dots if the cat disappears, it marks the location of the cat and you can find it. Always keep an eye on the yellow dot on the map.

This is all there is to ensure you keep the cat alive and save it in Divinity 2. While you’re here, you should check out The Most Annoying Things In Gaming right here on Gamer Tweak.