Best Games Of 2021 That You Should Not Miss Out On

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Best Games of 2021 certainly have a high bar to set after 2020 delivered some of the best games we’ve seen ever in a calendar year. Some games in 2021 will try to push the limits of gaming as both Xbox Series S/X and the PlayStation 5. Immersion has never been so easy and lifelike. If you wish to know everything about what games are going to be a blast to play in 2021 Check this out.

Best Game Of January 2021

Hitman 3

The final chapter of IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 is finally here and things have never been so personal ever before. Agent 47, Lucas Grey along with Diana Burnwood aim to take down Providence by any means necessary. Hitman 3 brings bigger and bolder maps for players to explore and uncover secrets, the game starts off with a bang and the ending will take you down nostalgia lane.

Hitman 3’s major fun lies in its replayability as each mission can be completed in a different fashion, there’s always something for players to check out and discover. If you haven’t played Hitman 3 as of yet, we highly recommend that you check out this game and it will honestly give the Hitman series a new meaning. This is certainly going to be one of the best games that you play in 2021.

Best Game Of January 2021

Hitman 3 will take you through all the highs and lows of being an assassin, while this already feels larger than life, we’re just getting started. Make sure to check this list each month to know what game our most favorite game of the month is.

Best Game Of February 2021


February 2021 was the month of Valheim, this indie game managed to capture the attention of everyone and mesmerized its players with amazing survival mechanics as well as a dash of Viking adventure. The premise of the game has you enter the 10th world of Nordic mythology and inside this, you will be tasked with facing Odin’s fiercest enemies.

Valheim promised players an unending adventure and managed to deliver on all fronts and in return players made it one of the most played games on Steam breaking countless records in the process.

Each Biome in Valheim is different and that’s not just judging it on the aesthetics, each different place will offer you a different vibe along with creatures, fern, and fauna.

The desire and skills of the developers behind Valheim has helped make it one of the most sought after game even though it is still in early access. The future looks extremely bright and promising for this Nordic adventure.

Valheim managed to beat out a lot of top games that it was competing against and while the graphics aren’t something to write home about, they still manage to inspire awe and instill calming and frightening feelings when need be.

best game of February 2021

We’ve been absolutely enchanted with Valheim and cannot wait to see what else is in the works for the game.

Best Game Of March 2021

Loop Hero

This rogue-like adventure was on the top of everyone’s wishlist as soon as it was released on Steam. While the main focus of the game was to complete as many loops as you can before challenging the main boss who has destroyed the world. The addition of tile placement meant that the players would have to be careful while devising their strategies.

Loop Hero is a great example of how to turn up a long-forgotten genre by adding simple mechanics and tricks that spice things up. Soon everyone who heard about the game wanted to share in the fun and experience it for themselves.

What looks like a simple animation will soon trap you inside its hours of tedious gameplay mechanics where you will need to solve puzzles and formulate plans that exceed your strengths by combining tiles or cards that work in and against your favor.

It is one of the games that kept us scratching our heads forever and though it looks pretty harmless, the more you progress in the game the more like a maze it makes you feel. Loop Hero is one such game that you ought to check out as early as possible and it will help you test your limits.

Best Game Of March 2021

Best Games Of April 2021


Returnal breathed fresh air into the Roguelike genre with this brand-new adventure. Developed by Housemarquee, this game makes you step into the chaos-filled shoes of Selene, a space pilot who crash lands on a strange alien planet and is stuck on a time loop. While this can be a nightmare, the time loop can be used for your own advantage and chart future expeditions.


You will be confronted with your past as you discover new biomes and it feels like you are somewhere trapped between your past and your future and you can have to discover new information about your life.

Returnal gives you a fast-paced shooter experience and at the same time, you get this visually appealing and mind gripping adventure like you’ve never seen before. If you’ve got a brand new PS5, this is the game that you should be getting first.

Best Games Of May 2021

Resident Evil Village

Capcom delivered yet another stellar entrant in their series of Resident Evil which continues off from the Baker Residence in Louisiana and takes you to a remote village in Europe.


After years of settling with Mia and starting a family, you’re taken back to confront everything that haunts you while having to rescue your own daughter and wife. The game mechanics of this new haunting adventure is more immersive and daunting than ever before.

Resident Evil Village feels more like a shooter horror game and breaks away from the traditional approach the series has taken for better narration. A true masterpiece in our eyes and something that we highly recommend that you check out at the soonest.

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