The Most Annoying Things In Gaming

Annoying things in gaming have been present ever since the inception of video games. People from all over the world have found something or the other to rant and complain about things implemented in the game.

While most of these things are basically things that just bother only a certain percentage of players, there have been things that no one can ignore, and basically, the entirety of the gaming community hates. This list contains the most annoying things in gaming to ever have existed.

Here Are The 5 Most Annoying Things In Gaming

Of all the things that the developers could implement in the games, these have been accepted as the worst by the entire world and people have raised their voices to hopefully put an end to them.


most annoying things in gaming

Microtransactions have become the bane of the gaming community ever since it was introduced. No longer do players have to be good in the game to acquire a special item in the game when they can instead purchase it with real money.

This brought an imbalance in the gaming community and a lot of unworthy players were suddenly running around with gear that would take them a long time to achieve in a matter of days. The entire gaming community has raised its voice to complain against microtransactions but they’re still prevalent in most popular games.

If you’re a fan of a certain sports game series you might have seen how microtransactions hae slowly taken the attention away from the actual game and brought in a new gambling trend. We just hope one day we get rid of this malicious practice and bring back the days where you had to earn a special item instead of just purchasing it.

Annoying Mini-Games

most annoying things in gaming

A lot of games do the mini-games aspect in AAA titles and indie games really well, but there are a few games that will torture you with their mini-games forcing you to re-do the same thing again and again until you’re no longer interested in the game.

There’s also a lack of variety when it comes to mini-games and doing the same thing again and again seems redundant. Just like these two lines in this para and the one above. All we’re asking for is a little bit of creativity and ingenuity to the system.

Unavoidable Cutscenes

most annoying things in video games

Cutscenes are a great way to narrate the story of the game and you get the feeling as if you’re watching a movie while in the game but this can get on people’s nerves when you’re playing the game for the millionth time.

Games are made great for its story and gameplay but when you’re already well versed with the story and just want to get on with playing the game having an unavoidable cutscene can really be disappointing.

A lot of AAA titles include unavoidable cutscenes and even though if it is your most favorite game in the world, having to sit and watch the cutscenes you’ve probably seen before can be irritating. Just implement a button to skip the cutscenes. How hard can it possibly be?

Useless Grind

most annoying things in gaming

Looter shooter games are great when done right but there needs to be something worth the effort players put into the game for it to make sense. Having just upgrades for the same with not much-added value can make it feel boorish and redundant.

Grind is inevitable in-game but there needs to be a way how you approach it, just having to plow through a million enemies to find a slightly better version of the same weapon or an attachment does nothing to justify the grind.

Everyone loves good progression and we’d love it if more developers realize that by just lengthening the gameplay isn’t going to make it more fun.

Replayability of Games

most annoying things in videogames

For those who were lucky enough to own the NES but unlucky enough to get all the games that you wanted, there was still so much to discover every time you played the same game again and again. The fun factor never dropped and there was a strong motivation to play those titles one more time.

Recent games have around absolutely zero or close replayability factor to them. Once you’ve seen all and done all the missions, going back to the game feels like a chore and we all know how to relationship between games and chores go.

By giving players something different to look for in the game, by having an evolving storyline, or even a great progressions system will surely bring up the replayability factor of the game. Just try to imagine how many times you’ve played Super Mario Bros as compared to The Last of Us 2.

These are the most frustrating things in gaming that we’ve held grudge against in our hearts. While there’s a lot more to this list we will keep on updating them as and when things annoy us so much that we’re compelled to write about them.

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