How To Boost Tourism And Get A Culture Victory In Civilization 6

Victory comes in many forms in Civilization 6, and one of the best ways is the non-violent way. This will require you to have a strong cultural influence that envelopes tourists into making it a world culture. If you want to learn how to get tourists and win a culture victory in Civilization 6 you will need to read the rest of this guide.

How To Bring Visitors And Get A Culture Victory In Civilization 6

Each and every player has multiple ways of playing Civilization 6 and while you can be a religious zealot and take over the world, or have a strong army that decimates everything in the path a non-violent way makes sure that there is no life lost.

To get a cultural victory in Civilization 6, you will need to build up tourism so that people come and visit and take your culture back with them, spreading it for you without you needing to do anything.

To have a place pouring with a culture you will require Great Works, things that are made by people who are looked up to and revered. Like Great Writers, Great Artists, Great Musicians, Archaeologists, and Martyrs.

Showing off their creations will ramp up the tourism and coast you towards a cultural victory in Civilization 6. Acquiring Great People that will create works of art for you can be done with the normal method.

But once you put them on the field, they will require a place where they can show off their works, these works of art will provoke tourism and get more footfalls. You will need to build art museums, amphitheaters, and broadcast stations.

Building all of these things will get people interested and come to seek out knowledge and wisdom. A trick that really comes in handy when placing these works of art is to arrange them according to a theme.

This helps create a beautiful personality for each region of your city, if you want archaeologists to find artifacts, you will need to build an archaeological museum in their theater square.

After doing this you can train your archeologists to find artifacts and then arrange according to your theme. You can do the same as an art museum and build a theme for added effect.

Once you research conservation, you will be able to purchase naturalists and these units will build national parks which also contributes towards tourism. Higher leveled walls too bring in tourism after researching conservation.

Radio research will get you to build seaside resorts and these become the highest visited site of the tile.

Finally, if an apostle who happens to be with the martyr promotion dies while in theological combat they will leave behind a relic that can generate tourism too. Make sure that you have the Cristo Redentor wonder to increase tourism in this scenario.

These are some of the best ways to generate tourism and doing so will, sure enough, get you a cultural victory in Civilization 6.

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