How To Increase Inventory Size In Monster Hunter Rise

Are you wondering about how to increase your inventory in Monster Hunter Rise? Check it out right here

Your inventory size in Monster Hunter Rise will determine the number of items that you can carry at any given time, these can be items that can heal you or crafting items that will help you upgrade your armors of weapons. Knowing how to increase your inventory size in the game has tons of benefits and will let you progress much faster in the game, if you wish to know just how to do it, make sure that you read the rest of this guide.

How To Increase Inventory In Monster Hunter Rise

You cannot increase your inventory size in Monster Hunter Rise, while can dismay a lot of gamers who wish to carry their entire inventory just in case they need an item, they won’t be able to do so. While the game does not let you carry items after a certain limit, you can always store things that you do not immediately need into your Item Box and retrieve them later in the game.

how to increase inventory in monster hunter rise
Check out how to easily upgrade and increase your inventory in Monster Hunter Rise

Make sure that you’re only carrying essential things while going out on a hunt, this will help you to keep some space empty so that you can add monster parts or crafting items in the game.

Item like the Machalite Ore is a special and rare item that you can only get by checking out outcrops in the game. You will require this for a particular quest in the game.

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Having some storage space in the game will also let you enable few things that you might need later on, once you have all that you think you’re not going to need anymore, we recommend that you go back to your campsite and then add them to your Item Box.

This is all there is to know about how to increase your inventory size in Monster Hunter Rise, while you’re here make sure to check out which is the best Palico Support type in Monster Hunter Rise right here on Gamer Tweak.