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How To Increase Drone Omni Cells Ammo Capacity – The Surge 2

Carry more Drone Bullet

When you unlock the Drone for the first time after killing Warden Garcia Boss in The Surge 2 you cannot use the Drone frequently due to limited Omni-Cells. But there is a way to increase the Drone ammo capacity and it can be done by using a simple Implant. In this Surge 2 guide, I will show you the location of where to find the Implant to increase Drone ammo carrying capacity so that you can use it on regularly on enemies.

How To Increase Omni Cell Carrying Capacity In Surge 2


The implant that increases the capacity to carry Omni Cell is located in Canal Back Alleys. You will reach this place soon after unlocking the second Medbay and meeting the Stranger. Walk forward till you reach a bridge, your path will be blocked an enemy Yeilding dual Axe, killing him will reward you Bootleg Splitchleaver Axe weapon and an arm schematic.

Just cross the bridge and break the container with FELTZ marked on it, on your right. There is a small path that leads to stairs on the left side. There is also a spooky banner on the wall.  Go up and stop after the 4th stairs, look behind the wall on the right side for the implant. This will give you an Omni-Cell Clip implant. You will unlock +5 ammo capacity with this implant.

With the help of this implant, it will be easier for you to use the Drone.