How to Hunt Noceros In Lords Mobile?

Want to hunt down the Noceros in Lords Mobile? We’ll show you how to get your hands on it.

Strategy games like Lords Mobile start as a mode of escapism but end up luring people in. The variety of troops and Building upgrades is what keeps players engaged. You can use the wide variety of upgrades available to build your base and choose from an array of heroes to fight and hunt. Players can also hunt down monsters for resources. Different kinds of Monsters spawn around the kingdom map giving players a chance to obtain various resources. One such Monster is the Noceros, and we’ll tell you how you can hunt it.

How to Hunt the Noceros in Lords Mobile?

Hunt Noceros: Lords Mobile

Before going to hunt the Noceros, players should align their troops according to their strengths and weaknesses. The Noceros has thick skin enabling him to withstand serious physical damage. His horns will affect your hero’s healing abilities. We recommend using The Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, and the Bombin’ Goblin to hunt the Noceros.

Players can also use the Prima Donna and Child of Light as per their levels. We would recommend using these heroes in any combinations as these will be the most effective against the Norceros. Some paid heroes like the Witch Doll or the Dream Witch can also be used.

Hunt Noceros: Lords Mobile

Once killed, the Noceros will drop materials and chests depending upon their level. The Noceros will also drop a Chipped horn, Crackling hide, Electric horn, Lightning vial, and Noceros Jewel. These materials can be used to craft a variety of event gear. These resources can also be used to craft other weapons. The Norceros will also drop the Hero chest which can be used to upgrade your heroes, the grade of the chest will depend on the level of the Norceros.

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