How to Hunt the Gargantua: Lords Mobile?

Want to hunt down the Gargantua in Lords Mobile? We’ll show you how to get your hands on it.

Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game. From building their own base to destroying others using their heroes, players can do a lot in Lords mobile. Weapons, upgrades, heroes, monsters, the game has everything to keep you playing. There are four categories of monsters in Lords. The Gargantua is a Normal-type Monster. Normal monsters spawn comparatively regularly. Every Monster is on the Map for 175 mins, and then a new one will spawn nearby.

Monsters of the same kind are on the Map for 2 days, after which the type of Monster changes. At a time, there are 2 different types of monsters available every day on the Kingdom map. Now let’s see how you can hunt the Gargantua in Lord’s mobile.

How to Hunt the Gargantua?

How to Hunt the Gargantua

Gargantua is also a Familiar, which means players can unlock it after completing Skirmish 8: Sacred war. After completing the Sacred war, players will unlock the buildings needed to summon and enhance the familiars. The Gargantua can dish out massive damage to nearby targets, so players should take heroes who heal faster. Heroes that deal with Magic DMG are the most effective against the Gargantua.

We recommend using the Child of light, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow queen, and the Bombin’ Goblin to hunt the Gargantua. Players can also use the Prima Donna if they are level 4 or 5. The Petite Devil and the Dream Witch are also very effective but keep in mind these are paid, heroes.

After being hunted, the Gargantua will drop materials and chests according to their level. The Gargantua will also drop the Gargantua Jewel, Gargantuan eye, Gargantuan Fang, Gargantuan Locks, iron bolts, and tattooed skin, so don’t forget to pick these up. The Gargantua will also drop the Hero Chest. This array of materials makes hunting the Gargantua a high priority.

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