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Shenmue 3 – How To Heal Your Health (Basic Health & Healing Guide)

Learn how to Heal your Health to Full and how your Health Bar works in Shenmue 3 from this guide.

Healing in Shenmue 3 is an important mechanic. As important as it seems, the game does not tell you how to do it. For most of the Shenmue 3 gameplay, you will have to figure out how to perform the basic & important mechanics. Do not fret as I have done the figuring out for you. In this guide, I will explain how to Heal your health in Shenmue 3.

How To Heal Your Health In Shenmue 3

buying food items for healing

Healing yourself in Shenmue 3 is an easy task, finding out was not as easy though. Like many games, you can heal yourself by consuming Food Items. Food items are the resource you will need at any point in the game to fill up your health bar. Each Food Item will cost differently and will also provide different Health Points. To get these Food Items, you will have to buy them from the Vegetable Vendor Shop, known as the Self-Service Veggies, or from Tao-Get Store in Shenmue 3. So go to one of these places interact with them. When you get close to one of them, a prompt will appear telling you to click the button. After clicking it, you will be able to get into a Menu where you can buy a Food Item. To Consume the Food Item, open up your Options menu by pressing R1 and then going to the Food Tab.

Now that you know how to Heal in Shenmue 3, let’s see why you need to Heal. In Shenmue 3, your Health Bar decays over the day. Hence, you need to consume Food Items periodically. Also, after getting damage from your fights in Shenmue 3 you will need to Heal up or the Decay will kill you. Like I have mentioned above, each Food Item will cost differently. The best Food Item you can buy and should get is Black Garlic. After consuming Black Garlic, you will gain 300 Health Points. But before buying, you will need to get Money. You can get Money by performing different jobs like Chopping Wood for the Tao-Get Store or by selling Herbs. I would recommend doing the latter as selling Herbs will give you more Money for the Effort.

This was all about Healing your Health in Shenmue 3. Hopefully, this guide has helped you.