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Valorant Points (VP): How To Get Them?

Here's how you can do it.

Valorant by Riot Games has introduced a brand new world of tactical shooter packed with interesting characters. After making the desired changes in the final release, based on the feedback from the closed beta, Valorant is all set to grow its audience worldwide. One of the best ways its doing this is by keeping Valorant free-to-play. This is giving everyone an opportunity to play Valorant without shelling out money. If you do want to spend money though there are cosmetics and the Valorant Battle Pass which you can splurge on. For this purpose, find out how to get Valorant points in this guide.

How To Buy Valorant Points

The currency in the game to buy more skins is Valorant Points. You can get them from the in-game store. To get your hands on the best and exclusive Valorant skins, you will need these points.

In order to access it, go to the main menu and find the Store tab. Then, you will be shown all the items that can be bought.


You will know how many VP you have by checking the icon that’s on the right of the Store tab. Purchase anything you like and can currently afford to get with those Valorant Points. Next, confirm the skin you want by clicking Unlock.

To clarify, yes you have to pay real money to get VP. Click the VP icon and get prepared to pay for whichever package you want. The values of these points will differ as per currency.

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Purchase Skins in Valorant

The new Prime Skins with purple, gold and white elements are currently the talk of the town and can be bought with Valorant Points. If you want to get them, check out our guide on All Prime Skins in Valorant where you’ll see the prices for each skin. There’s also the Aristocrat set of skins with gold and bronze features that have been launched with the game, so be sure to check them out too.
how-to-buy-skins-in-valorantThere’s also the Valorant Battle Pass that will cost you 1000 VP which is almost $10. Here’s more information on how to purchase Valorant Battle Pass.

If you have played Valorant during its closed beta and you bought, say, a thousand VP, you will get a 20% bonus in the live game.

So this is basically how to get VP. To know more about how to excel at the game, keep reading our Valorant guides on Gamertweak.