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How To Get Unlimited Ammo In Control – 100% Ammo Refund Mod

Now do not worry about bullets

In Control every weapon has limited ammo but unlimited recharges. There is a small gap when the weapon reloads and ready to shoot back. If you are frustrated with this then I have a small tip that can help you to get 100% Ammo Refund instantly that means no more ammo issues. Yes this can be done through a mod, but to unlock it is a bit tricky. You have to find five Six Unique TV’s which has a picture of Burning flames in them. These TV’s are placed in Furnace Chamber area near NSC Coolant Pump. To save your time I will provide you the exact locations of all 6 TV’s in Furnace Chamber region of Control to unlock 100% Ammo Refund Mod. After burning all the six TV’s in the furnace you have upgrade Grip to Level 3 and apply the mod. This will give you the power to shoot unlimited times, ideal against killing bosses and stronger enemies.

 All Six TV Locations In Furnace Chamber & NSC Power Plant

All TV’s are scatted and some are placed in remote locations, refer the screenshots below to get all Six TV location to unlock infinite ammo mod in Control Game. You can also watch our How To Get Unlimited Ammo In Control Walkthrough video at the end of this guide. The good thing about this collectible is that all TV’s are located nearby, there are two in Furnace Chamber, two in NSC Power Plant and one in NSC Coolant Pump area. Use a fast travel point and reach NSC Coolant Pump Entrance area. It will take you to the Furnace Chamber. Collect them one by one and throw them into the Furnace.

TV Location 1: Furnace Chamber

Control TV Locations Guide

Go to the Furnance Room and from entrance turn left, look on the left top side near the shelves. The first TV with flames in on top.

TV Location 2: Furnace Chamber

Control TV Locations Guide

The second is also in the same region, from the entrance of Furnace Chamber lookup for a big window. Use Levitation to reach the space and the second TV is behind the Fence. Use Levitation once again to pull out the TV, you cannot break the Fence.

TV Location 3:

Control TV Locations Guide

Exit Furnace Chamber and turn left towards the NSC Power Plant Door. Before you take the stairs look for a small room on the left side with a green light on it. The third TV is inside the room.

TV Location 4:

Control TV Locations Guide

Exit the Furnace Chamber and go to NSC Power Plant region, a big circular region where you will face a lot of enemies. You have to climb all the way top of the central area, the fourth TV is on top.

TV Location 5:

Control TV Locations Guide

For the fifth TV, you have to go to NSC Coolant Pump region, for this exit the Furnace room and turn right. There is an elevator on the right corner, you have to jump towards the platform ahead. After coming out of the Elevator, follow the blue pipe on the left side. Use Levitation to go a little up, the TV is near the vent. Return back to Furnance room and burn it.

TV Location 6:

Control TV Locations Guide

For the final TV, as soon as you come out of Furnace Room go to the main doo of NSC Power Plant, it is just kept outside near the big hollow pipes right in the front side.

Now you have all the six TV burned into the Furnace, you have unlocked 100% Ammo Refund Mod for Grip. The mod will be available after you have upgraded Grip to Level 3 Weapon. You can read our guide Control Weapon List to know more.

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