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Control All Types of Weapons, Firepower and Mods Guide

Watch how all weapons shoot

In Control you can use five types of different Pistols which are powered by supernatural forces. These pistols have their own pros and cons. In this Control Weapon guide, you can find details on all weapons and how they perform. With completing missions you will also unlock new Mods that are used to enhance the weapon performance a bit like getting more damage, or headshot, etc. If you are unaware about the Weapons then this guide will give you clarity on all Control Weapons.

Control All Weapons List and Mods Details


Different Pistol has a different type of fire type, for example shooting from a laser beam to explosives and more. Each Pistol can be used for specific types of enemies and some tips below will help you a lot. The good thing is you can change your weapon any time in the game. You can carry two weapons with three mods slots for each, but at the beginning, only two of them will be unlocked.

1). Grip Pistol

Control Grip Screenshot


A reliable semi-automatic weapon that can be fired at a regular pace. An all-rounder weapon for short and long-range. Best to kill snipers, enemies with rocket launcher and guns. Grip is best to use when you have enough cover around, with a headshot mod you can get 50% more power. You can shoot continuously one enemy and targe their glowing red parts. That is where they are weakest.

2). Shatter Pistol

Control Shatter Screenshot


Shatter shoots scattershot on enemies and it is capable enough to throw them off the ground. It is a good weapon at close range, but long-range firing is worthless. Also, the weapon firing is slow, after one shot there is a few seconds delay for the second. So if you are surrounded then this weapon can be a little risky.

3). Pierce

Control Pierce Screenshot


Pierce is best to take down flying enemies, the Tomassi types. It has a very high power laser beam good enough to destroy the glowing red circles that refill enemies health. You will need three accurate shots and that’s it. The only problem with Pierce pistol that it has a slow shoot time. It takes a few seconds to recharge and then you can release three laser beams on enemies. I found it best against flying enemies and Salvador type unless he is not surrounded by rotating debris. The weapon can penetrate armor and enemies from any range. It is an ideal long-range weapon.

4). Spin

Control Spin Screenshot

If you need something that can shoot non-stop then Spin is something you need. With continuous fire rate, this weapon is good for the close-range fight. I had tested this weapon on bosses it has low damage, you need some good mods for these weapons.

5). Charge

Control Spin Screenshot

Charge is a very powerful weapon, once charged this pistol can shoot three explosives shots. Each shot if hits the target it can absorb another one also around and explode causing damage. The weapon shots can stagger enemies in the blast radius.

Below is a Control All Weapons video walkthrough, that will show you the type of bullets each pistol shoots and some info on various weapon mods.