How Do You Get Summer Shells in ACNH?

Get your hands on these rare shells

A summer shell is one of the coveted summer items in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It will be available to those with Northern Hemisphere islands from June to August. For the Southern Hemisphere though, it will be available from December to February. If you want to know how to get them in Animal Crossing New Horizons, then this guide is for you.

Summer Shells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In order to get your hands on this sought-after seasonal item, you have to head to the beach. Look for blue shells which look like conch shells. Walk towards them and then pick them up using the Y button. You can visit the beach daily to see if they have spawned because they are not very common. So collecting them will require a lot of visits to the beach.

How to use them?

Well, apart from being a pretty collectible, they can be used to craft items. The DIY recipes using these specific shells can be obtained by shooting the balloons carrying gifts and through washed up bottles on the beach. These DIY recipes will only be available during this specified period. If you don’t manage to get them, you can either time travel or get them from a friend. If you want to sell the shell, it will fetch you 900 Bells.

Craft Items with DIY recipes

Take a look at some DIY recipes that involve this seasonal item in ACNH.

Shellfish Pochette

  • 6 summer shells
  • 2 giant clams

Shell wand

  • 3 summer shells
  • 3 star fragments

Underwater flooring

  • 3 summer shells
  • 3 corals

Shell wreath

  • 1 summer shell
  • 1 sand dollar
  • 1 sand snail
  • 1 giant clam
  • 1 coral
  • 1 cowrie

Underwater wall

  • 3 summer shells
  • 5 corals

Starry-sands flooring

  • 3 summer shells
  • 1 sandy beach flooring

Water floor

  • 6 summer shells

South Seas Wall

  • 5 summer shells

Folks on the Northern Hemisphere can begin hunting for these blue shells from June 1, because the item is rare and the duration of its availability is pretty short too. So, that’s everything we know about these special shells in ACNH. For more tips and tricks, check out our Animal Crossing New Horizons guides.