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How To Get Rid Of Birds Nesting In The Graveyard In Hitman 3

Here's how to get rid of the birds nesting in the graveyard in Hitman 3.

As Agent 47, you will have challenging tasks involving subduing enemies, eliminating targets and more. But there are also objectives where you should know how to get rid of the birds in Hitman 3. The birds in question are in a graveyard during the Dartmoor section of the game. In this guide, we will explain how to get rid of the birds nesting in the graveyard without making a mistake.

How to Get Rid of the Birds in Hitman 3?

You can get rid of the birds by using a silenced pistol at the right time and while choosing the right place in the graveyard. From the correct location next to a brick wall, shoot the bird nests which will make the birds fly off.

But all of this needs to be done very carefully. You will be wearing a disguise of a detective but a detective doesn’t simply appear with guns blazing. So, make sure you have a weapon but it’s a silenced one.

How To Get Rid Of The Birds

Next, you have to enter the graveyard and find such a place where you can shoot all nests from. That’s the brick wall where you need to crouch and use your gun.

how to get rid of dartmoor birds

Now if you shoot the birds, that will not solve the problem. You have to shoot the nests for them to really go away. After you do that, make sure to sneak out because the gardener will know that something is going on. It will be even more challenging if you are on a higher difficulty.

That’s basically what you need to do to clear the area of noisy birds. Then you can continue your mission to lure your target and go in for the kill.

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