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How To Get New Year’s Noodles In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here's how to get the New Year's Noodles in ACNH. Buy this food item before time runs out and celebrate New Year's Eve with yummy food.

The New Year is all about celebration even on your ACNH island. The year 2020 was terrible in many ways but we shall enter the new year of 2021 with hope in our hearts. The only way to do it right in the virtual world of Animal Crossing New Horizons is through yummy food. That’s why in this guide, we will explain how to get New Year’s Noodles in ACNH easily.

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Year’s Noodles


If you want to get the New Year’s Noodles in ACNH, you have to hurry because they are available in Nook Shopping > Special Goods section until December 31st only. Head to the Seasonal tab and buy the noodles for 1300 Bells. You can access it through the Nook Stop Terminal which is at Resident Services or you can use the Nook Shopping app on your NookPhone. The app will be available only if the NookPhone is unlocked.


Once you purchase this item, you can keep it on the ground or on a table. Nook Shopping is the only way to get it because no villagers will have it in their houses. In case you want to sell this food item, you will get 325 Bells for it. Note that it is not customizable and there are no color variations available unlike the New year’s hat item. Speaking of the New Year’s hat, there are certain conditions you have to fulfill if you need this headwear in your collection.


That’s basically how to get the New Year’s Noodles in ACNH easily. The significance of these noodles is mainly in Japan where this noodle bowl dish is enjoyed on New Year’s Eve. Apart from this, though, there are more food items you can purchase as well as furniture, party poppers and more.

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