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How To get Music Discs and Unlock Music To My Ears Achievement In Minecraft

Unlock some music

Minecraft lets you use your imagination and build to your heart’s content, with this ability you can just about build anything and the game will keep throwing surprises at you at every instance. There is also something for audiophiles as the game lets you create jukeboxes and collect music discs. This guide will show you how to get music discs in Minecraft.

What Are Music Discs in Minecraft?


There are multiples of music discs that you can play on your jukeboxes in Minecraft. Below is the list of all the music discs in Minecraft.

  • 11
  • 13
  • Blocks
  • Cat
  • Chirp
  • Far
  • Mall
  • Mellohi
  • Stal
  • Strad
  • Wait
  • Ward

How to Get Music Discs in Minecraft


There are but two major ways you can easily get your hands on music discs, you can either get them in Dungeon Chests or by Killing a Creeper and collecting the loot.

To find Dungeon Chests you will have to explore the many dungeons in Minecraft, strongholds and abandoned mine shafts. These are the best places to look for Dungeon Chests and you can easily get Music Discs with this.

Alternatively you can also get Music Discs by collecting the loot of a downed Creeper but there are conditions to it, first, you will have to find a Creeper and weaken it, after that, you will have to make it chase you until you can find a Skeleton and the Skeleton kills the Creeper with an arrow.


How to Get Music to My Ears Achievement

You can also get the Music to My Ears Achievement trophy in Minecraft and all you need to do is play a Music Disc on a jukebox. To get access to a jukebox you will have to build it and it is pretty straightforward.

You will need a bunch of planks and a single diamond before you can begin building a jukebox. You will need to place the diamond in the center of a 3×3 crafting table and then surround the crafting table with planks.

After that, all you need to do is right-click on the jukebox if on PC, alternatively you can press L2/ LT/ ZL depending on your console which you have the music disc-equipped and it will begin playing music.


To stop the music right click on the jukebox and press L2/ LT/ ZL on your console. Doing this will earn you the Music to My Ears Achievement.

This is all there is to know about how to get Music Discs and how to unlock the Music to My Ears Achievement in Minecraft.