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How To Get Music Discs In Minecraft

Learn how to Get Music Discs in Minecraft through this easy method from this guide.

Minecraft lets you use your imagination and build to your heart’s content, with this ability you can just about build anything and the game will keep throwing surprises at you at every instance. Along with the building aspect, there are PvE elements, PvP elements, and the general sense of surviving. But amongst all of this, Minecraft has implemented a way to play Music. That’s right, you can Play Music through a Music Disc and a Jukebox. In this guide, I will show you how to get Music Discs in Minecraft.

How to Get Music Discs in Minecraft


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There are two major ways you can easily get your hands on music discs. You can find them in Dungeon Chests, Stronghold Chests, Woodland Mansion Chests, Bastion Remnant Chests, and by Killing a Creeper indirectly. Well, 12 out of the 14 Music Discs can be obtained by Killing a Creeper. Normally, a Creeper doesn’t drop a Music Disc upon dying but if the Creeper was killed by a Skeleton, directly or indirectly, you will get a Music Dic from the possible 12 Music Discs. The 2 Music Discs that cannot be obtained through Creepers are Lena Raine – Otherside & Lena Raine – Pigstep. The Pigstep Music Disc can only be obtained in Chests from Bastion Remnants in Minecraft. Otherside Music Disc is only obtainable from Dungeon & Stronghold Chests as Loot.

The best way to get Music Discs in Minecraft is through the Creeper & Skeleton method. It sounds easier than it actually is, for one you will need to find a Creeper and a Skeleton in close proximity. After which you will need to get the Skeleton to shoot you, miss, and hit the Creeper till the Creeper dies. The best way to go about s to make a Creeper Farm and then find & tag a Skeleton. Collect the Creepers from the farm to a single area, like a well of sorts. There is a  game mechanic in Minecraft where a lit Skeleton Arrow will ignite a TNT block. So place a Lava Source in front of the Skeleton and let it ignite a TNT block. If you perform this above the well of Creepers, the TNT will explode and kill all of the Creepers yielding a lot of Music Discs.


So a  Skeleton indirectly killing a Creeper will get you a Music Disc in Minecraft. Here is a simple Creeper Farm made by the Youtuber Dusty Dude. It is really easy to make and will also yield a lot of Gunpowder.

What are Music Discs in Minecraft?


There are a total of 14 Music Discs that you can get & play on your Jukeboxes in Minecraft. Below is the list of all the Music Discs in Minecraft.

  • C418 – 11
  • C418 – 13
  • C418 – Blocks
  • C418 – Cat
  • C418 – Chirp
  • C418 – Far
  • C418 – Mall
  • C418 – Mellohi
  • C418 – Stal
  • C418 – Strad
  • C418 – Wait
  • C418 – Ward
  • Lena Raine – Otherside
  • Lena Raine – Pigstep

How to Get Music to My Ears Achievement (Bedrock Edition)


You can also get the Music to My Ears Achievement trophy in Minecraft and all you need to do is play a Music Disc in a Jukebox. You will need to craft a Jukebox first. To make a Jukebox, take 8 Wooden Planks of any type and make the Crafting Recipe for a Chest. In the center of the Recipe, place a Diamond. That’s how you can get a Jukebox in Minecraft.

After that, all you need to do is right-click on the Jukebox if on PC, alternatively you can press L2/ LT/ ZL depending on your console which you have the Music Disc equipped and it will begin playing music. To stop the music right-click on the jukebox and press L2/ LT/ ZL on your console. Doing this will earn you the Music to My Ears Achievement.

This is all there is to know about how to get Music Discs and how to unlock the Music to My Ears Achievement in Minecraft. You can also check our other articles like XP Farming in Minecraft & How To Download, Get & Play Minecraft On Chromebook.